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By Jerrold R. Hansen, Learning and Design Consultant
March 4, 2022 | 11:00 AM - 11:55 AM | Registration

Learn how the data from the Gallup US Daily Tracking and World Polls can uniquely enrich your research.  A variety of time series plots and cross-tabs from these two polls can be viewed via Stanford's subscription to Gallup Analytics.

The Gallup US Daily Tracking Poll, begun in 2008, and running until the end of 2016, is a nationally representative poll of about 7000 adults per week. Questions provide unique and detailed insights into Americans' opinions and perceptions of important political and economic issues, as well as the current events that affect the world, the U.S., and their lives.  With almost 1900 variables and large sample sizes that accumulate over time, the US Daily Tracking Poll will allow you to slice and dice the microdata to fairly detailed breakdowns by demographic categories or geography.

The Gallup World Poll, begun in 2005, is an annual poll of more than 20000 variables from over 167 countries that represent 99% of the world's adult population.  The World Poll tracks the opinions and perceptions of the adult population of these countries on the most important issues worldwide, such as safety, food access, governance, employment, and subjective well-being.

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Jerry Hansen

Jerry Hansen joined Gallup in 1996 and works with the Gallup Analytics team to provide tools that allow access to unique data sets from their 100 year longitudinal poll of the world, and their daily studies of public opinion from the United States.  Jerry's long tenure with Gallup began as an interviewing manager specializing in challenging methodology, complicated call designs, and overseeing foreign language interviewing.