Data Dictionary

The Stanford Geospatial Center created a metadata document in the form of a data dictionary for the MSA database. The metadata provides definitions for 36 fields, which are major categories of data, and over 73 sub-categories, as well as examples. Further information about the data collection process is available upon request.

Below are some major fields found in the metadata along with their definitions:

School related: whether the shooting is school related, yes or no
Shooter Age: age of shooter
Shooter Name: first and last name of shooter
Shooter Race: race or ethnic background of shooter
Shooter Sex: the sex of the shooter, male or female
Number of Guns: the number of guns involved in the shooting
Total Number of Fatalities: the total number of people killed including the shooter
Number Injured: the number of people injured during the incident

This document will be updated as fields and variables get added. You can obtain a copy of the metadata by clicking on the image below.


Data Dictionary for Mass Shootings in America database. Credit: Stanford Geospatial Center

If you have any questions about the metadata please contact the Stanford Geospatial Center (SGC).