April 2011 London

Presentations from the PASIG meetings in London, England, April 2011

Monday, April 4, 2011

Welcome, Introductions, and Kick-Off Art Pasquinelli, Oracle, British Library Welcome Speaker
PASIG Positioning and Trends for Digital Libraries, Repositories, Preservation Art Pasquinelli, Oracle, British Library Welcome Speaker
Trends in Digital Preservation (North America) Carl Grant, Ex Libraries
Digital Preservation in Europe: Trends and Perspective William Kilbride, Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC)
The Last Five Years in Preservation: Progress, Status, and Issues Steve Knight, National Library of New Zealand
Oracle Foundation Technology Overview 
Storage Architectures for Archiving Today and Future Thorsten Lange, Oracle
Oracle Content Management and Archiving Donna Harland, Oracle
Tape Technologies Gary Francis, Oracle
Oracle Database, SecureFiles and DBFS Kevin Jernigen, Oracle
Panel and Open Microphone 
Semantic Data Management Xavier Lopez, Oracle
Oracle Technologies for Research and Cloud Simon See, Oracle
Open Office and ODF Louis Suarez-Potts, Oracle
Summation: Putting It All Together Juan Rada, Oracle


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Customer and Partner Presentations 
Introduction and Recap Art Pasquinelli, Oracle
Best Practice and Minimum Standards in Digital Preservation Adrian Brown, British Parliament
The Stanford Digital Repository Tom Cramer, Stanford University
Deconstructing Digital Libraries Neil Jefferies, Oxford University
Digital Media Management 
Preserving Media and Entertainment Content Richard Wright, BBC
From Videotape Archives to On Line Content Distribution - Managing Video Archives Noelle Prat-Vong, Front Porch Digital
Infrastructure for National Institutions 
Issues and Directions Richard Boulderstone, British Library
Architecture Considerations for Digital Long-Term Preservation at the German National Library (DNB) Attila Zabos, German National Library
Open Planets Architecture Bram van der Werf
Audience Open Microphone 
Resources and Projects 
Preservation as a Service: Putting It All Together Roger Essoh, Atos Origin
Cross-Industry Preservation Architectures on Oracle Robert Sharpe, Tessella
DSpace Architectures on Oracle Bram Luyten, @mire
Islandora Architectures on Oracle Mark Leggott, UPEI/DiscoveryGarden
Preservation and Content Management in Government Hong-Eng Koh, Oracle
Forensication of Everything* Cal Lee, University of North Carolina
iRods - Integrated Rule-Oriented Data System  
Data Curation for the Public Sector Alison Macdonald, Digital Archiving Consultancy Limited ('DAC')
Managing Healtcare Data Jamie Clifton, Bridgehead Software
Comments and Adjournment  


Wednesday, April 6, 2011 (Optional Day)

Deep-Dive: Oracle Technologies for Long-term Data Retention and Access 
Introduction Art Pasquinelli, Oracle
Preservation Architectures Tom Cramer, Stanford University
Archiving and Storage Overview Thorsten Lange, Oracle
Solution Directions for Long-term Data Retention and Access Donna Harland, Oracle
Attendee Open Microphone  
Tape Technologies for Long-Term Data Retention Gary Francis, Oracle
Database Technologies for Archiving Kevin Jernigan, Oracle
Content Management Jens Lusebrink, Oracle
Concurrent 45 Minute Break Out Sessions  
Semantic Data Management Xavier Lopez, Oracle
Research and Cloud Computing David Teszler, Oracle
Storage Archive Manager (SAM) Donna Harland, Oracle