March 2015 San Diego

Presentations from the PASIG meetings in San Diego, California, March 2015

Wednesday, March 11

Optional Digital Preservation 101
General intro to PASIG and the afternoon David Minor and Art Pasquinelli
System Architecture for Digital Preservation Neil Jefferies, Oxford University
Preservation Policy for Humans

Nick Ruest, York University and Stephen Marks, University of Toronto

"I learned all that I know about digital preservation from trading concert recordings" Mark Phillips, University of North Texas
Intelligent tiered infrastructures Ray Clarke, OnX
Cloud storage for preservation Joseph Lampitt, Oracle
Trustworthiness of Preservation Systems David Minor, UC San Diego


Thursday, March 12

Practitioners Knowledge Exchange Day, including case studies presented in small blocks w/panel discussion

Welcome, Logistics and Agenda David Minor and Art Pasquinelli
Cultural Heritage Organizations Session chair: David Minor
Tech talk in the archives: how can we redefine our processes and priorities Erin O'Meara, Gates Archive
Designing and implementing a Digital Repository for Museum Collections Ben Fino-Radin, The Musuem of Modern Art
Rowing Boats and Ocean Liners - Cultural Heritage Online Matthias Razum, German Digital Library/German Archives Portal
NDSR-NY Notes from the Field: Preserving Born-Digital Objects at Carnegie Hall and Scientific Data at the American Museum of Natural History Victoria Steeves and Shira Peltzman, National Digital Stewardship Residency New York
SoLoGlo: Collecting, Archiving, and Linking Social, Local, and Global News Martin Klein, UCLA
Universities Session chair: Courtney Mumma
The Ontario Library Research Cloud Steve Marks, University of Toronto/Scholars Portal
Collecting News and Perspectives Todd Grappone, UCLA
Meeting the growing need for digital preservation services at the University of North Texas Mark Phillips, University of North Texas
Framing Digital Objects within Context and Provenance Neil Jefferies and Tanya Gray Jones, Oxford University
Overview and status of Indiana University's Media Digitization and Preservation Initiative Kurt Seiffert, Indiana University
Workflows and Tools for Ingest of Research Data into the UC San Diego Library Repository Arwen Hutt, Matt Critchlow, Juliane Schneider, and Ho Jung Yoo, UC San Diego
Research data facilities Session chair: Stephen Abrams
Elephant in the Room: Scaling Storage for the HathiTrust Research Center Robert McDonald, Indiana University
Starfish: A Framework for Managing the Life Cycle of Scientific Research Data Jacob Farmer, Starfish Storage
Research data in Dryad: Balancing preservation and re-use Elizabeth Hull, Dryad
SEAD (Sustainable Environment Actionable Data) project: Implementation, challenges, and solutions Inna Kouper, Data to Insight Center, Indiana University
RDA Update Herman Stehouwer, Research Data Alliance
National libraries/organizations operating on large scale Session chair: Kara Van Malssen
Preservation planning at BnF Thomas Ledoux, Bibliothèque nationale de France
Chronopolis and DuraCloud: Doing integration right Bill Branan, DuraSpace and David Minor, UC San Diego
What's the OCUL Digital Curation Community? Nick Ruest, Ontario Council of University Libraries
Finnish Digital Preservation Service for Cultural Heritage Mikko Tiainen, CSC - IT Center for Science Ltd.
The US National Data Service: Federating Infrastructure for Data Ray Plante, National Data Service


Friday, March 13

Service Providers and Vendors Day, with detailed case studies on how their services are being used

Morning session 1: Preservation Service Providers Session chair: Erin O'Meara
Archivematica digital preservation: More human than robot Courtney Mumma, Artefactual
Preserving digital records and databases Luis Faria, KEEP
Beyond Audits: Practical application of ISO 16363 for digital preservation planning Kara Van Malssen, AVPreserve
Managing live digital content with DuraSpace services Bill Branan, DuraSpace
Archiving and preserving web based content with Archive-It Maria P. LaCalle, Internet Archive
Morning session 2: Preservation Service Providers Session chair: Art Pasquinelli
Update on DPN technical and service developments David Pcolar and Evviva Weinraub, DPN
Rosetta as the Institution Digital Repository Backbone Adi Alter, Ex Libris 
Making Digital Preservation part of the Information Governance Life-cycle John Tilbury, Preservica
Arkivum data archiving service, research data management and access Steve Mackay, Arkivum
Open Standards Driven Cloud Storage and Presentation Brian Campanotti, Frontporch Digital
Lightning round presentations by any attendee  
Afternoon session: Storage & Systems Architecture Vendors Session chair: Tim Marconi
Oracle Repositories, Archiving, and Tiered Storage Directions Dan Deppen and Art Pasquinelli, Oracle 
Workflow-Driven Storage for Data Tiering and Archiving Jason Goodman, Cray
Architecting and deploying large scale data storage solutions John Mallory, Isilon, EMC
Essential Elements of Intelligently Managed Tiered Storage Infrastructures Ray Clarke, OnX Enterprise Solutions