March 2016 Prague

Presentations from the PASIG meetings in Prague, March 2016

Wednesday, March 9

Digital Preservation Primer 1 – Managing Digital Content Over Time Mary Molinaro, Digital Preservation Network (DPN)
Digital Preservation Primer 2 – OAIS Model, Theory & Practice Neil Jefferies, Oxford
Digital Preservation Primer 3 – Trustworthy Digital Preservation Systems David Minor, UC San Diego
Digital Preservation Primer 4 – Applying Digital Preservation Standards for Assessment and Planning Bertram Lyons, AVPreserve
Open Preservation Foundation Workshop: veraPDF: definitive, open source PDF/A validation for digital preservationists Session Leads: Carl Wilson, Joachim Jung
Long-term Digital Preservation Hardware & Systems  
Hybrid Cloud Storage for Long-Term Archiving Philippe Deverchere, Oracle
Cloud & Hybrid Technology Matthew Addis, Arkivum
Tiered storage Architectures, Including Disk and Tape Considerations Donna Harland, Oracle
Putting It All Together Brian Campanotti, Oracle
Panel and Open Discussion Bob Raymond, Oracle, Moderator

Thursday, March 10

PKX / Practitioners Knowledge Exchange: Case Studies in Preservation & Archiving Architectures and Operations Session Lead: David Minor
Qatar National Library Krishna Chowdhury, QNL
The University of Oklahoma’s Galileo’s World: Creating new demands for digital archiving & preservation Carl Grant, U. of Oklahoma
Evolving the LOCKSS Technology David S.H. Rosenthal, Chief Scientist, LOCKSS Program
The Ontario Library Research Cloud: Future Considerations and Cost Models Dale Askey, McMaster University
Status of Long Term Preservation Service in Finland 2016 Mikko Tiainen, CSC – IT Center for Science Ltd.
Lightning Talks Session Lead: Neil Jefferies
Contextual Metadata: The Experience from Research Information Management Jan Dvo?ák, Charles University in Prague
Creating a competitive Data Scientist(s) workforce Ruben Riestra, INMARK
The Frontiers of Preservation Session Lead: Matthias Razum
"Preservation of 3D Digitized Globes” Thomas Ledoux, BnF
“Archiving Of Digital 3D Objects and Product Structures” Uwe Helber, Program Manager ECM, T-Systems International GmbH
PreForma Project Emanuel Lorrain, PACKED vzw
“Preserving the Sky: Design challenges for the Square Kilometre Array” Iain EmsleyRahim LakhooAndreas WicenecMarkus Dolensky
“Future Integration of Data Management Planning Systems” Matthias Hemmje, Hagen University

Industry Interaction Session Lead: Art Pasquinelli
Ex Libris - Rosetta  

Friday, March 11

Project Updates and Digital Preservation Community Developments 1 Session Lead: Carl Grant
EUDAT: a Data Infrastructure for European Research Rob Baxter, Group Manager, EPCC, University of Edinburgh
The DPC Community: Growth, Progress and Future Challenges Paul Wheatley, Head of Research and Practice, Digital Preservation Coalition
JHOVE, veraPDF and me Joachim Jung, Executive Director, Open Preservation Foundation
RODA, EARK and Database Preservation Toolkit Project Luis Faria, Innovation Director, KEEP Solutions
The LOTAR Standard and Principles of LOTAR Uwe Helber, Program Manager ECM, T-Systems International GmbH
Evolving the LOCKSS Technology David S. H. Rosenthal, Chief Scientist, LOCKSS Program, Stanford University Libraries
Project Updates and Digital Preservation Community Developments 2 Session Lead: Carl Grant
One Site Among Many: Stanford and Collaborative Technical Development for Web Archiving Nicholas Taylor, Web Archiving Service Manager, Stanford University Libraries
The EU FP7 PERICLES Project Simon Waddington, Research Fellow, King’s College London
OAIS Barbara Sierman, Digital Preservation Manager, Research Sector Innovation & Development, Nationale bibliotheek van Nederland
Digital Preservation Network: the journey toward a production service Mary Molinaro, Chief Operating Officer & Services Manager, Digital Preservation Network & Dave Pcolar, Chief Technology Officer, Digital Preservation Network
PERSIST Project Barbara Sierman, Digital Preservation Manager, Research Sector Innovation & Development, Nationale bibliotheek van Nederland
The Semantics for an Ultimate Perfect OAIS Implementation Roger Roberts, President of the TITAN npo (promoter of AXIS-CSRM), President of the Belgian Committee of the UNESCO’s “Memory of the World” program
Hardening Existing Systems with Preservation Capabilities Session Lead: David Minor
Fedora 4 for Digital Preservation Neil Jefferies, Oxford
The ARCLib Research Project – A Complex Solution for Long Term Archiving of (Library) Digital Collections Marek Melichar, Charles University
Infusing Hydra with Digital Preservation Capabilities Chris Awre, University of Hull
PASIG Community General Forum Session Leads: Thomas Ledoux and Neil Jefferies
Wrap Up, Future Direction of PASIG, including the New York City PASIG event Session Lead: Art Pasquinelli