November 2008 Baltimore

Presentations from the PASIG meetings in Baltimore, Maryland, November 2008

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Building Digital Libraries: Implementing the Vision Ernie Ingles, Vice-Provost and Chief Librarian, U. Alberta
Content, Technology & Community: Experiences in Digital Preservation Martha Anderson, Director of Program Management, NDIIPP, U.S. Library of Congress
Archive and Preservation: Emerging Storage - Technologies & Trends Chris Wood, Storage CTO, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
An Open Preservation and Archiving Architecture James Simon, U.S. Systems CTO, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Architectural Issues in Digital Preservation of Records Kenneth Thibodeau, Ph.D. Director, Electronic Records Archive Program, NHE, U.S. National Archives and Records Administration
Planets Overview  Mark Evans, Archives Practice Manager, Tessella
Preservation as a Process of a Repository David Tarrant, Research Fellow and Developer, U. Southampton
The Digital Preservation System and the Open-Platform Carl Grant, President, Ex Libris North America
Archive and Preservation Repositories: Activities and Directions  Tyler Walters, Georgia Institute of Technology
Fedora Commons Update Sandy Payette, Executive Director, Fedora Commons
DSpace2.0 Architecture Overview Brad McLean, Technical Director, DSpace Foundation
Update from the Blue Ribbon Task Force on Sustainable Digital Preservation and Access Sayeed Choudhury, Associate Dean of University Libraries, Johns Hopkins U
Building preservation into the workflow - The RepoMMan and REMAP Projects Chris Awre, Integration Architect, U. Hull
The Sun CRS Infinite Archive System (IAS/CIS3): DMA Nov 2008  Judy Leach, Solutions Architect & Randy Hewitt, Engineering Manager


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Research Data Curation Trends Lucy Nowell, Program Director, Office of CyberInfrastructure, U.S. National Science Foundation
Contouring Curation for Disciplinary Difference and the Needs of Small Science Carole Palmer, U. Illinois, Urbana Champaign
DigCCurr I & II: Lessons Learned from Building a Digital Curation Curriculum Prof. Helen Tibbo, U. North Carolina
The UC Berkeley Mediavault Program Patrick McGrath, R&D Associate Director, Data Repository Management Data Services, IST, UC Berkeley
Expanding the Object Model: Providing Contextual Information for Long-Tailed Data Neil Jefferies, R&D Project Manager, SERS, Oxford U.
High-Level Storage and Data Management Trends & Observations Raymond Clarke, Enterprise Storage Specialist, Sun Microsystems, SNIA Technical Board Member
SNIA Data Preservation and Metadata Projects Bob Rogers, CTO, Application Matrix, LLC and SNIA Co-Chair of the Information Lifecycle Mgt. Initiative
Using Sun Technologies in Repository and Preservation Archiving Architectures Randy Hewitt, Engineering Manager, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Judy Leach, Storage Solutions Architect, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Scalable Architectures-Part I Gary Wright, Digital Preservation Product Manager, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
Scalable Architectures-Part II Randy Stokes, Principal Engineer, FamilySearch, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
On Building a Reference Implementation of a Preservation Environment Reagan Moore, RENCI, U. North Carolina
Archive of the Future: A Session for Information Gathering and Sharing Cathleen Wharton and Mitch Black, Open Archive Development, Sun Microsystems, Inc.


Friday, November 21, 2008

Considerations in Implementing a Permanent Access Solution  David Gewirtz, Yale University
Implementing the SPAR Architecture Thomas Ledoux, The French National Library (BNF)
Tools and Services for the Long-Term Preservation and Access of Digital Archives, UMIACS Project Prof. Joseph JaJa, U. Maryland
Securing the Future: Digital Preservation at the National Library of New Zealand Steve Knight, Programme Architect National Digital Heritage Archive, National Library of New Zealand
Final Summary Keynote - How the PASIG Fits into the Global Project Landscape Clifford Lynch, Executive Director, CNI
Optional Sun System, Storage, and Software Technology Overview and Update Keith Rajecki, Education Solutions Architect, Sun Microsystems, Inc.