Selected holdings: 

The Silicon Valley Archives are the world’s greatest repository of materials related to the history and development of Silicon Valley. The archives are part of Stanford University Libraries Special Collections whose holdings include the papers of Allen GinsbergSteven J. Gould, John SteinbeckDenise LevertovDavid Henry Hwang, the Bob Fitch Photography Archive and the Monterey Jazz Festival.

The Silicon Valley collections number in the hundreds. The collections below represent only a selection:

Al Alcorn Papers relating to the History of Video Games

Ampex Corporation Records

Andrew S. Grove speeches, 1980-2006

Andy Hertzfeld Notebooks, 1981-1983

Annotated bibliography on local computer networks by John F. Shoch

Apple--more than 40 collections

Atari business plans

Bay Area video arcades : photographs by Ira Nowinski, 1981-1982

Barbara L. Kevles collection of computer technology of the 1990s

Bruce E. Deal Papers

Buckminster Fuller Papers

Charles H. Irby Papers

Charles Rosen Papers, 1957-1985

Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility Records

Cort Van Rensselaer Papers

Donald E. Knuth Papers

Douglas C. Engelbart Papers

Edward A. Feigenbaum Papers

Edward J. McCluskey Papers

Eric Vettel Collection of Cetus Corporation Materials

Fairchild Semiconductor Technical Reports and Progress Reports

Franklin P. “Pitch” Johnson Papers

Frederick Emmons Terman papers

Gordon Moore Papers

Homebrew Computer Club Newsletter and Meeting Announcements

Institute for the Future

John McCarthy Papers

John R. Pierce Papers

Kathleen Hennessey Papers

Keith Henson Papers re Project Xanadu, XOC, Memex, Ted Nelson, & Eric Drexler

Kurt Akeley Papers

Lee Felsenstein Papers

Leonard Eugene Root Papers

Marc Levoy Papers

Mark Weiser Papers

Pacific Studies Center Records 

Paul Baran Papers

RCA's Farnsworth Patent File, 1930

Regis McKenna Papers

Rich Gold Papers

Richard Bartle Papers and MUD1 Source Code

Richard Earl Fikes Papers

Rob Walker Papers

Robert N. Noyce Papers

Robert W. Taylor Papers

Russell and Sigurd Varian Papers

Samuel L. Ginn Papers

Silicon Genesis oral histories with Silicon Valley pioneers

Stanford University Office of Technology Licensing Records

Stephen M. Cabrinety Collection in the History of Microcomputing

Steve Bristow Papers

Steve Meretzky Papers re computer game design & interactive fiction history

Stewart Brand Papers

System Development Foundation Records, 1957-1993

The Battle of 73 Easting, Gulf War : simulation project papers, 1991-1993

Vernon Russell Anderson Papers

William F. Miller Papers

William R. Hewlett Papers

William B. Shockley Papers