National Institute of Informatics: judges' comments


  • The JAIRO cloud base for repository building is a good model which is amenable to scaling and more widespread adoption in a cost effective way.
    – Dame Lynne Brindley, Master of Pembroke College, Oxford

  • JAIRO is a political success story that could well be copied if known in other parts of the world. Our recognition may help and support the idea of open access repositories for research publications. The technology seems to be state-of-the-art but the political driving force is powerful and admirable.
    – Elisabeth Niggemann, Generaldirektorin, Deutsche Nationalbibliothek

  • The innovation is applying a recently emerged model of software-as-service and cloud to the problem of IRs and doing what looks like a very good job of making it a lot easier and cheaper for everybody to have one.  It's a solution to a real problem (how do we do IRs) and it looks like it's working very well.
    – Ann Okerson, Senior Advisor on Electronic Strategies, Center for Research Libraries