Personal content management

Personal content management tools can help you organize all of the articles you are reading and all of the papers you are writing. These tools help you save time and work more efficiently.  Some of the tools listed below are only available to the Stanford community; others allow you to share files and annotations with others outside of Stanford.


AFS (Andrew File System) is a distributed, networked file system that enables efficient file sharing between clients and servers. AFS files are accessible via the Web or through file transfer programs such as OpenAFS or Fetch (Macintosh) and SecureFX (Windows).

Currently all users with a full-service SUNet ID are granted 5 GB of AFS file space. Additional disk space is available by request for faculty-sponsored research including dissertations.

Sharing citations and files with a group

Both Mendeley and Zotero have collaboration tools to create public and private groups:

Sharing and syncing files with a group