The Carpentries at Stanford

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Stanford Libraries has been providing Carpentries training in software and computing skills for the Stanford community since 2014. These pages will provide you with information about The Carpentries organization, our workshops, instructor training opportunities, and our campus membership.

Carpentries workshops are offered for graduate students, postdocs, and other researchers on Stanford's campus and are designed to help attendees become more productive scientists by teaching them basic computing skills. If you are interested in working with us to host a Carpentries workshop for your Stanford students, department, or organization, please contact us at We would love to talk with you!

Upcoming workshops

Please visit the Libraries' workshop site for details about what workshops we are offering and when.

What are The Carpentries?

The Carpentries consists of three Lesson Programs, each with its own mission, curriculum, and target audience. See details below.


Data Carpentry logoData Carpentry workshops are for people who work with data in their research and want to learn how to code and organize their projects to work more effectively and reproducibly with data.



Library Carpentry logoLibrary Carpentry workshops are for people working in library- and information-related roles to build software and data skills. The workshops are domain-agnostic though datasets used will be familiar to library staff.



Software Carpentry logoSoftware Carpentry workshops are for people who are learning to code to develop software or learn best-practices in software development. Lessons are domain-agnostic and teach the Unix shell, coding in R or Python, and version control using Git.