Learners and instructors at a Carpentries workshopLearners and instructors at a Carpentries workshopLearners and instructors at a Carpentries workshop

Since the fall of 2017, Stanford Libraries has held a membership with The Carpentries. This membership entitles us to a number of benefits that may also benefit you or your organization.

Finding Instructors for workshops

If you would like to organize a Carpentries workshop on campus, please contact us before you contact The Carpentries. The Carpentries will assess a $2500 centrally-organized workshop fee to assist with you finding instructors for your workshop, but we have a large pool of local instructors and experience running these workshops and can assist you with these needs. This will save you the $2500 fee to The Carpentries. 

In the event that we cannot find local instructors for your workshop, our membership typically includes access to a certain number of centrally-organized Carpentries workshops. By contacting us first, you may be able to avoid paying the standard fee for this workshop, depending on whether we have used up our yearly allotment yet or not.

Access to Instructor training

Our membership also typically includes spots in Carpentries Instructor training, taught by our local certified Carpentries Instructor Trainers. If you or your students or postdocs are interested in becoming Carpentries instructors, please contact While it is possible to apply directly to The Carpentries for instructor training, it is typically easier to get a spot through our local membership. In addition, local trainings are typically done in person instead of online, which most people find to be a more engaging experience.