Metadata tools comparison chart

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Software Type Platforms Supported Data Formats Metadata Schema* Research Subjects
Annotare desktop application Windows (XP, Vista, 7), Mac (OS X) any format MIAME High-throughput biomedical investigations that can be described using the MIAME format
CEDAR Workbench web application Chrome & Firefox browsers on any platform any format any schema any field
ISA Creator desktop application Windows, Mac, Linux  any format  ISA-Tab Good for life sciences
Morpho desktop application Windows, Mac (OS 8, 9, X), Linux any format  EML  Ecology
OMERO desktop OR web application Windows, Mac (OS X), Linux; requires local server setup image files, over 100 formats supported  NA Microscopy
OntoMaton Google spreadsheet plug-in Windows, Mac, Linux  tabular data  NA  Best for biomedical research 
RightField Excel plug-in Windows, Mac (OS X), Linux tabular data NA  any field


* Definitions of metadata schemas:

  • MIAMEMinimum Information About a Microarray Experiment | more about MIAME
  • EMLEcological Markup Language | more about EML
  • ISA-TabInvestigation, Study, and Assay general-purpose tabular format | more about ISA-Tab
  • NA: no metadata schema is used in this tool
  • For CEDAR Workbench, schema are specified in the template model/JSON-LD