Specific guidance

Sensitive information

Doctor viewing films, image from Stanford All-Image Exchange

Because many researchers on our campus work with patient health or other types of personal or sensitive data, we have provided some helpful information about sensitive data on this site.

Specific information about software that are available at Stanford for working with these types of data is built into the DMPTool for directorates where this information is likely to be most helpful. This information is also available on the Working with sensitive data page.

Other pages on this site with related information on sensitive data:


Stanford Digital Repository

The Stanford Digital Repository (SDR), a service offered by the Stanford University Libraries, provides digital preservation, hosting, and access services that enable researchers to preserve, manage, and share research data in a secure environment for long-term citation, access, and reuse.

Please visit the Data preservation at Stanford page for more details about the SDR including Terms of Use and standard language for your data management plan.