Backup solutions

When deciding on what type of backup solution to use for your files, you will need to consider how often you intend to back up your files, whether you need one or multiple backups, and what your budget is for backups.

Stanford's IT Services has an easy-to-use table of backup solutions that are available on campus. Some of these options are described briefly below. Click on the links to get more detailed information.

  1. AFS (Andrew File System): All AFS files are automatically backed up nightly and kept for 30 days. If you are using AFS, you are already getting free backups!
  2. Disk-based Replication: This is a fee-based service available to users of certain ITS services such as Individual & Group File Storage (see above). 
  3. CrashPlan PROe: Automatic desktop backup software managed by Stanford ITS. This service allows the user to manage backups of their local machines and to access their backup data using a web browser or desktop client. Service is available by annual subscription to departments and organizations and billed on your department's monthly ITS bill.
  4. School or departmental services: Some schools and departments provide access to backup software and services for their departments. Check with your school or department's system administrator to find out what your department offers. For example, the School of Humanities and Sciences provides access to CrashPlan Pro free of charge for all H&S faculty, staff, post-docs, working graduate students, and emeritus faculty.
  5. Local solutions: This includes external or portable drives, local networked backups, or system software options like Time Machine on the Mac. If you are interested in purchasing local backup options, the Stanford Bookstore always has several options available.

Details about rates for fee-based services at ITS can be found here.