Workshops and training

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We hold workshops open to anyone at Stanford on topics like Best Practices for Your Research Data and the Data Management Planning Tool. See our workshop descriptions on the Events page.

We are happy to provide training or instruction to your lab or research group on topics of interest to you.

We love students! We can talk with your class about keeping data organized and other best practices.

We are available to participate in your lab meeting, staff meeting, faculty meeting, symposium, boot camp or brown-bag event. We can do 5 minutes to an hour (or more!). Just let us know what you'd like to hear about and when! 


Data management plans

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We can help you create a data management plan (DMP) for your next research grant proposal.

We provide access to and Stanford-specific content for the DMPTool (Data Management Planning Tool), which can help you create a DMP. This includes text regarding the Stanford Digital Repository (SDR) that you can cut and paste into your DMP.

We can review your data management plan and make suggestions. We are also happy to verify whether your intended use of the Stanford Digital Repository (SDR) as described in your plan matches up with the SDR services we provide.


Other services

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Social Science Data: The Social Science Data and Software group at Green Library provides services and support for social science data acquisition and the use of analytical software.

Geographical Data: The Stanford Geospatial Center at Branner Library provides geographical data acquisition, consultation, and workshops.

Patient Data: The Center for Clinical Informatics at the medical center provides access to clinical data for research, as well as other clinical informatics services and consultations.

Finding and using federal, state, local, or international government data

Charts from ITS of data storage and backup solutions at Stanford 

The Dean of Research provides information for your research enterprise.