Our digitization services are supported by three program arms organized around broad families of content formats: paper-based materials, born-digital files, and audiovisual media. These program arms work in collaboration to provide streamlined and consistent digitization services across these various formats. Each lab also develops its own best practices, technical expertise, and lab facilities. The combination of cross-lab coordination and format-specific specialization ensures that even the most complicated digitization requirements receive the utmost expertise and care.

Born Digital Preservation Lab

Specialized facilities and staff focused on born-digital materials such as files and software from diskettes, optical media, hard drives, data tapes, and other digital storage media. 


Camera used for rare book digitization.

Digital Production Group

Specialized facilities and staff focused on digital imaging of manuscripts, books, maps, photographic materials, prints, illustrations, other print-based library materials, as well as 3D objects.


LP playback

Stanford Media Preservation Lab

Specialized facilities and staff focused on sound recordings and moving images.



Stanford Digital Library

Stanford Media Preservation Lab

Digital Production Group