3D imaging services

3D imaging at Stanford Libraries

The Stanford Libraries Digital Library Systems and Services department offers a full-service 3D imaging program as part of the Digital Production Group labs. Aside from being an emerging technology in libraries, 3D is also increasingly used in teaching and learning, both as a methodology in certain fields and as a way to replicate and use rare or fragile objects in classroom settings.

Our service includes 3D imaging of materials, either in our lab located in Green Library or in the classroom with our mobile set-up, and post-processing and delivery of files specified by the project’s stakeholder. We are working on our pipeline to accession 3D models into the Stanford Digital Repository and make them discoverable in SearchWorks.

Equipment and software used

The 3D lab uses an HP 3D Structured Light Scanner Pro S3 in production. We post-process models using the HP 3D Scan software, and then use RapidCompact to produce models at reduced resolutions for delivery. Depending on stakeholder needs, we may use Meshmixer to clean up models for 3D printing.

Interested in utilizing our 3D imaging services? Please contact us, and we will create a scope of work and provide a cost and time estimate.

3D imaging of a cuneiform tablet