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 Digitization Labs Virtual Tour (March 2022)  A comprehensive, up-to-date presentation of our digitization spaces and equipment.

Born-digital Preservation Lab 

Imaging Floppy Disks Describes how to image various types of floppy disks using different disk capture tools.
Imaging Optical Media Describes how to image optical media using different optical media capture tools. 
Imaging Zip Disks  Describes how to image Zip Disks 
Imaging External Drives using FTK Imager Describes how to image external hard drives and flash disks using AccessData’s FTK imager.

Digital Production Group

 Imaging Guidelines (May 2022)  Describes typical imaging and post-production for digitization of printed materials.

Stanford Media Preservation Lab

Recommended Video Digitization Resources (April 2020)

 This document aims to provide library professionals, technologists and others with definitive resources about video preservation.

Below is a set of guidelines for preparing digital audio and video content in the Stanford Digital Repository (SDR). Target audience is content producers at Stanford University.

Describing Digital Audio and Video for the SDR (February 2015) Includes general guidelines and information about required and optional metadata fields as well as available templates.
Preparing Digital Audio and Video Content for the SDR (September 2020) How to select, name, encode, organize and deliver media files to the SDR.
Documenting Your Digital Video Production  Form for media producers to provide detailed technical information that will be useful for optimal content preservation and delivery.