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This portfolio represents the breadth and depth of Stanford University Libraries' digitization services as well as examples of the expertise that digitization staff bring to our work.

Sony EIAJ-1 video reel player

How we refurbished a vintage video reel player in order to digitally preserve early video recordings in Buckminster Fuller's archive and other notable collections.

AV Artifact Atlas

SMPL led the development and launch of a community-based resource for identifying and remediating errors encountered when playing back and preserving audiovisual material.



Papyrus fragment sitting on a table awaiting digitization

The oldest materials digitized by the DPG, these Egyptian papyri fragments date back to 250-150 BCE.

Unique late eighteenth century fan

Through the careful efforts of DPG's photographers, online viewers may now safely enjoy the high-resolution details of each vignette depicted on this unique late eighteenth century fan.