Delivery Specifications

Typical digitization service delivery timeframes

Once a digitization request is submitted  (see Requesting digitization services for details), a lab coordinator will schedule the digitization work into the appropriate lab digitization queue. In most cases, the turnaround times listed below will apply.

 Standard delivery turnaround 

Request Type Routine
Digitization / Reformatting / Forensics requests 15 business days 
Digitization of oversized materials 30 business days
 Rush and non-routine requests  A lab representative will discuss our ability to meet these requirements. These requests are subject to fees. Please see Pricing for more details.


Standard formats for delivery of digitized content

The labs can deliver files in a variety of formats and specifications, and in a variety of ways, based on service request requirements. Specific patron needs should be identified in the JIRA ticket. Unless otherwise specified, deliverables will be placed on a local server for retrieval.

 Standard delivery formats 

Type of request Standard delivery format


TIFF or PDF file(s)


Format: MP3 
Bitrate: 160 (mono) or 320 (stereo) kbps

Moving Image Wrapper: QuickTime (MOV) 
Pixel aspect ratio: 640x480 (SD) or 1280x720 (HD)
Video format: H.264/MP4
Video bitrate: 1100-2800 kbps

Born Digital (Disks, Drives) * 

.dd (raw disk image) or .ad1 (logical disk image),  text file documenting recovery process, csv file listing, JPEGs images of media, and recovered files

* Digital Preservation requests have two recovery options: a forensic capture of the media (possibly including deleted files) and a logical capture that only contains files that have not been deleted from the filesystem. In either recovery option, the client will be provided with a raw disk image (.dd), a spreadsheet listing the contents of the media (.csv), a text file documenting the capture process, and the files contained on the media.