Angela He

SSDS Consultant

Angela is a PhD student in the Sociology Department. Her current research interests include housing, race/ethnicity, and economic sociology. She mainly uses survey experiments and qualitative methods in her research.

Consulting areas: Data wrangling, data visualization, regression, social sciences, statistics, survey design

Software/tools: R, Qualtrics

Hye Jee Kim

SSDS Consultant

Hye Jee is a PhD student in Sociology. Her current research projects examine racial inequalities in health, racial bias, and Asian American racialization using both quantitative and qualitative methods.  

Consulting Areas: social science, data wrangling, data visualization, regression, statistics

Software/Tools: R, Stata

Nay San

SSDS Consultant

Nay San is a PhD Candidate in Linguistics. His research examines how modern speech and language technologies can be adapted for typically underserved languages and user populations, with a particular focus on supporting data management workflows for language documentation and revitalisation.
Consulting areas: speech and language processing (both text and audio), data wrangling, data visualization, deep learning, data and workflow management (e.g. archiving, reproducibility)
Software/tools: Python, R, SQL, Bash, Git / GitHub, Docker, Excel, LaTeX/Overleaf, web development (HTML/CSS/JavaScript)

Tara Chiatovich

SSDS Consultant

Tara works as a research and data scientist for an education technology company after earning her Ph.D. from the Standford Graduate School of Education. Her research cuts across academics, behavior, and social-emotional learning in K-12 schools and uses both traditional statistical approaches and machine learning. She is currently analyzing survey data measuring students' social-emotional learning from before to during the pandemic to examine how trends over time changed during the schooling disruptions from COVID-19.

Consulting areas: Data wrangling, data visualization, data reduction, regression, multi-level modeling, time-series analysis

Software/tools: R, Python, Stata, SAS, Git, Excel, Qualtrics

Allex Ravenscar Desronvil

SSDS Consultant

Allex is a PhD Candidate in Sociology. His work investigates the intersection of social inequality and the sociology of law through causal inference and computational methods. His work uses publically-available datasets (such as the NHIS, Census data, etc.) and some restricted-access text data.

Consulting areas: Data wrangling, data visualization, regression, social sciences, statistics, longitudinal data

Software/tools: R, Stata, Git / GitHub, Excel, Qualtrics

Evan Muzzall

Head of SSDS

I am a formally trained bioarchaeologist and forensic anthropologist who became interested in data science through the measurement of bones, stones, and archaeological sites a long time ago. I earned my PhD in Biological Anthropology from Southern Illinois University Carbondale and, before joining Stanford, was the Instructional Services Lead at the UC Berkeley D-Lab. My personal research spans functional biomechanics, mortuary archaeology, microbiology, conflict and war, teaching pedagogy, depression, perioperative complications, survey design and analysis, and machine learning. I love anything to do with dogs, music, cooking, and the outdoors.

Consulting areas: Computational text analysis, data wrangling, data visualization, deep learning, digital humanities, geospatial mapping, machine learning, natural language processing, social sciences, time series

Software/tools: R, Python, Bash, PAST, Git / GitHub, Excel, Qualtrics, Lucidchart