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Media delivery and archiving

The Stanford Digital Repository (SDR) supports delivery of audio and video content via a robust, modern media streaming service. 

To take advantage of the integrated delivery and archiving service, media content must be deposited to the SDR.  

Features and Benefits

  • Access Control - A number of streaming access levels are possible: World ; Stanford only ; designated IP addresses. For in-library use, we support the Green Library's Special Collections Reading Room and the Braun Music Library; other library locations can be easily added. Download of files can be enabled or disabled. Citation-only access is also possible.

  • Embeddable Player - Like all content in the SDR, media content can be embedded in another web page with a simple cut-and-paste of code.

  • Broad Browser and Device Support - Media streaming is compatible with mobile devices, such as cell phones and tablets. Browsers supported include:
    • IE11+ (on Windows 8+)
    • Firefox 42+
    • Chrome 23+
    • Safari 8+
    • Opera 15+

  • Related Content - You can add related files, such as transcripts and images, available for access along with the media. These files are directly available in the player's file panel. Support for captions, including full-text search and synchronized display, is planned for future development.

  • File Encoding and Description  - Our staff has published guidelines for preparing media files for both archiving (preservation) and streaming (online access). We are also available to assist with the work.

  • Preservation and Persistent Access - Deposit in the SDR assures that the content is preserved and available from a persistent URL (PURL) using trusted, open source library technology.

About the Technology

The SDR uses HLS and MPEG-DASH (via Media Source Extension) streaming protocols with our integrated Wowza Streaming Engine server. We deliver H.264 video and MP3 or M4A (AAC) audio. We also have the ability to provide a Flash fallback for browsers that do not support HLS or Media Source Extension.

Getting Started

To find out more about the SDR's media services, or to inquire about existing media content in the SDR, write

To learn about our media digitization and preservation services, write to