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Globus is a data transfer service providing a fast, reliable, secure method of sending or retrieving large amounts of data over the web. Stanford Libraries maintains a dedicated Globus endpoint ("Stanford University Libraries Globus Endpoint") to support SDR users with certain activities, such as:

  • Sending large research datasets to SDR for deposit
  • Sharing large datasets in the SDR with Stanford researchers or the general public.

Data can be transferred between the Stanford Libraries’ endpoint and another system configured with a Globus endpoint, such as a personal computer, local server, Google DriveSherlock or Oak. Sherlock and Oak are services maintained by the Stanford Research Computing Center.

The online deposit application at now features integration with Globus, allowing users to transfer content files to a specified location on the Libraries' endpoint for automated deposit in the SDR. This method circumvents the upload limitations of working via the web and allows users to complete the entire deposit process for large files without the need for staff intervention.


  • Integration with SDR online deposit application simplifies the deposit of large files
  • Globus web interface for sending/retrieving the data
  • Transfers are encrypted for better security
  • Transfers can run "in the background" or be paused as needed, allowing for user convenience
  • Flexible data access controls: public, Stanford only, or individual users. Only public and Stanford-only access options are available for deposits using the online application.

Available to

Current Stanford faculty, staff, and students for deposit and for accessing restricted data. The general public can use Stanford Libraries’ Globus endpoint for accessing open data. 


Must have a valid, active Globus account (sometimes referred to as Globus ID) to transfer content using Globus. Some SDR data available via Globus requires Stanford authentication. In addition, SDR deposit using Globus via the online deposit application requires a valid, active, SUNet account and permission to create collections or to deposit, manage, or review works in a collection.

Data security

Globus can be used for low risk and medium risk data as defined by the Information Security Office


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  • Contact the SDR team - for questions about using Globus to deposit data in the SDR or to access data in the SDR

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