Whether you are Student, staff or faculty, Stanford Geospatial Center staff are available for one-on-one consultations and project support on research and teaching with spatial data and technologies. 

Consultation appointments can be scheduled by emailing the GEODATAHELP Listserv. Please include details about your project or GIS task when requesting a new appointment.

Course Support

The Stanford Geospatial Center provides direct course support for any class with a spatial data component or need. Typical support includes: a short in-class presentation on spatial data and how it can be applied to the course topic; full class "Introduction to Spatial Data workshops"; special topic workshops; access to the SGC GIS lab and reference appointments. Geocoding Services

The Stanford Geospatial Center has been developing our internal geocoding infrastructure. We now have a BETA Geocoding Server, based upon Esri's ArcGIS Server technology. The server currently provides geocoding services for North American & Brazilian Street Addresses. You can access the service through ArcGIS Desktop, Pro, ArcGIS Online and through R. 

  • The service uses https
  • The service does not log geocodes made against the service. Data passed to the service for augmentation is not retained
  • The geocoding service is hosted on Stanford hardware within the Stanford Network.

Using Stanford's Geocoding Service

This service is meant to be used for bulk geocoding of thousands to millions of placenames and/or addresses in North America.

To access the Address Locator services:

  • In ArcCatalog, or the Catalog Panel in ArcMap, expand the GIS Servers item
  • Double-click the Add ArcGIS Server item
  • Leave the default "Use GIS Services" option, click Next>
  • For the 'Server URL' use:
  • For 'User Name' use your SUNetID (prefixed with the 'WIN\' domain) as WIN\SUNetID
  • Enter the password associated with your SUNetID and check the option to Save Username/Password
  • Click Finish

You should then be able to use the various Address Locator Services for bulk geocoding in ArcGIS.

What's Currently Available on

The address locators inside the geocode folder include a Composite (capable of street addresses and postal codes) service for North America and separate services for U.S. Street Addresses and Postal Codes. There is also a new geocoding service for Brazilian street addresses. 

The address locators in the Rio folder include Address Locators built by The Spatial History Project at Stanford's Center for Spatial and Textual Analysis (CESTA). For more information about these geocoding services, see the Spatial History Project's Rio de Janeiro Historical Address Locator page.

Are You an R User?

Stanford Library's Claudia Engel maintains a repo with scripts for using the Stanford Geocoding Service in R. Find them here:

For More Information

For more information about the Geocoding Process in ArcGIS, see Esri's What is Geocoding? Guide.