Spatial data workshop offerings

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We offer a series of basic, advanced, and special topic workshops on GIS. If you are new to GIS please start with the Introduction to ArcGIS workshop. Fill out the form linked below to be added to the Stanford GIS Email list. Workshop notifications will be sent out via the list, or check the calendar below for upcoming workshops.

Course Support

Let us know if you have a particular geospatial topic that you want to learn more about and we can see if there is a possibility to create a custom workshop around that topic.

If you are teaching with GIS at Stanford please contact us to find out how we can support your class directly. Direct class support can range from a short in-class introduction to SGC services for students, setting up class project data collections, designing labs and lectures, and in-class workshops or SGC office hours for class projects.

SGC Workshop Materials

You can download our workshop training materials from Stanford's Box account. If you are a Stanford affiliate and are unable to attend one of the regularly scheduled training sessions, you are welcome to use the SGC Lab to go through these self-paced tutorials with our support staff nearby to answer questions. 

Introduction to Desktop GIS

For QGIS Desktop -
For RStudio -
For ArcGIS Desktop -
For ArcGIS Pro -

This introductory session focuses upon the fundamental concepts and skills needed to begin using Geographic Information Systems software for the exploration and analysis of spatial data using the ArcGIS Desktop platform. Topics include: 

  • What is GIS?
  • Spatial Data Models and Formats
  • Projections and Coordinate Systems
  • Basic Data Management
  • The ArcMap User Interface
  • Simple Analysis using Visualization.

Geoprocessing and basic analysis of spatial data

For ArcGIS Desktop -
For QGIS Desktop -

This session builds upon the skills and concepts introduced in the "Introduction to GIS with ArcGIS Desktop" session and participants will be expected to attend that workshop, or have comparable experience with ArcGIS 10.2. Topics include: 

  • Use of Relates & Relationship Classes
  • Geoprocessing of geographic data
  • Geocoding of street addresses
  • Overlay Analysis
  • Advanced Manipulation of Tabular Data

Data creation & editing workflows with ArcGIS Desktop

For ArcGIS Desktop -

This workshop serves as follow-on to the Introductory and Geoprocessing Skills workshops. Some level of familiarity with ArcGIS is assumed. In this exercise you will use the goal of producing a publication quality map of sugar plantations in Madagascar as the vehicle for introducing some of the more advanced skills necessary to have when working on extensive GIS projects. Topics include: 

  • Creation and management of File Geodatabases.
  • Conversion of XY coordinates data to a Geodatabase feature class.
  • Creating Custom ArcToolbox Geoprocessing Tools using ModelBuilder
  • Georeferencing of scanned map images
  • Creation and editing of Geodatabase Feature Classes
  • Using Definition Queries
  • Working with Annotation Classes
  • Managing Multiple Data Frames
  • Customizing Map Elements
  • Using Extent Rectangles to link Data Frames

Raster! The 'Other' GIS data.

For ArcGIS Desktop -
For ArcGIS Pro -

The Raster Data Model provides an effective means of characterizing spatially continuous phenomena, such as elevation, temperature, precipitation and other environmental and climatic characteristics. This workshop provides a targeted introduction to the tools available in ArcGIS for creating, managing and analyzing data in raster form. Topics include: 

  • Types of Raster Data
  • Properties of Raster Data
  • Symbolization & Display of Raster Data
  • Imagery Analysis in ArcGIS 
  • Terrain Analysis in ArcGIS 
  • The Spatial Analyst Toolset
  • Extracting Data from Raster to Vector
  • Map Algebra

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