New acquisitions


Selected recent e-books are listed below in broad subject categories. Use SearchWorks to find more e-books available at Stanford (Access = Online AND Resource Type = Book).

General biology

  1. S.F. Chou ... [and others].. 2009

  2. William W. Murdoch, Cheryl J. Briggs, Roger M. Nisbet. 2003

Molecular biology


  1. Joseph M. Craine. 2009

  2. Joseph M. Craine. 2009


  1. Luis M. Armendáriz.. 1995

  2. by Herbert H.T. Prins, Frank van Langevelde. 2008


  1. edited by Ana Rita Londral, Pedro Encarnação, José Luis Pons Rovira, editors. 2015

  2. William W. Lytton. 2002

  3. editors, Jan W. Vasbinder, Balázs Gulyás. 2017

Human physiology

  1. Richard F. Burton. 2000

  2. By B. Waterhouse, M.D. Professor of the theory and practice of physic in the University of Cambridge, and of natural history in the College of Rhode-Island. 1786