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New acquisitions


Selected recent e-books are listed below in broad subject categories. Use SearchWorks to find more e-books available at Stanford (Access = Online AND Resource Type = Book).

General biology

  1. edited by Anne Sophie Meincke and John Dupré. 2021

  2. Christopher Uhl with Jennifer Anderson ; foreword by Laura E. Hake. 2021

  3. Nicholas F Gray, Trinity College, University of Dublin, Ireland. 2021

  4. Zhengbing Hu, Sergey Petoukhov, Matthew He, editors. 2020


  1. edited by Thomas C.G. Bosch, Michael G. Hadfield. 2021

  2. John R. Schneider. 2020

  3. Daniel W. Houck, John Leland Center for Theological Studies. 2020

  4. Alexandre Roulin, University of Lausanne, Switzerland ; artwork by Laurent Willenegger. 2020


  1. Christopher Uhl with Jennifer Anderson ; foreword by Laura E. Hake. 2021

  2. Theresa J. May. 2021

  3. Warwick Frost. 2021

  4. edited by Guido di Prisco, National Research Council of Italy ; Howell G.M. Edwards, University of Bradford ; Josef Elster, University of South Bohemia ; Ad H.L. Huiskes, Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research. 2021

Human physiology

  1. Andrew G. Murchison, Mitchell Chen, Thomas Frederick Barge, Shyamal Saujani, Christopher Sparks, Radoslaw Adam Rippel and Malcolm Sperrin, Ian Francis. 2020

  2. John McLester, Peter St. Pierre. 2020

  3. Elisabeth A. Murray [and 3 others]. 2020

  4. Amit Singh, Madhuri Kango-Singh, editors. 2020