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A short guide to writing about biology, 9th edJan A. Pechenik. 2016. [QH304 .P43 2016]

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The cell : a visual tour of the building block of lifeJack Challoner. 2015. [QH582.4 .C425 2015]

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Urban lighting, light pollution and societyEdited by Josiane Meier, et al. 2015. [TD195 .L52 U73 2015]

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Abiotic stresses in crop plantsEdited by Usha Chakraborty and Bishwanath Chakraborty. 2015. [SB112.5 .A24 2015]

Against the grain : fourteen farmers adapt to climate changeBill Hampel. 2015. [S600.7 .C54 H355 2015]

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Back in Rwanda : 20 years later, in the kingdom of mountain gorillasBernard de Wetter. 2013. [QL31 .D428 A3 2013]

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Bats and viruses : a new frontier of emerging infectious diseasesEdited by Lin-fa Wang and Christopher Cowled. 2015. [RA641 .B38 B38 2015]

Bayesian evolutionary analysis with BEASTAlexei J. Drummond and Remco R. Bouckaert. 2015. [QH83 .D78 2015]

Behind the binoculars : interviews with acclaimed birdwatchersMark Avery and Keith Betton. 2015. [QL677.5 .A94 2015]

Better than conscious? : decision making, the human mind, and implications for institutionsEdited by Christoph Engel and Wolf Singer. Strüngmann Forum reports. 2008. [QP395 .E76 2007] Also Digital

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Body by Darwin : how evolution shapes our health and transforms medicineJeremy Taylor. 2015. [QH366.2 .T374 2015]

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Connectivity of Hills, Humans and Oceans : Challenge to Improvement of Watershed and Coastal EnvironmentsEdited by Natsuki Shimizu, et al. 2014. [QH541.5 .W3 C66 2014]

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Ecology, conservation, and restoration of tidal marshes : the San Francisco estuaryEdited by Arnas Palaima. The Stephen Bechtel Fund imprint in ecology and the environment. 2012. [QH87.3 .E34 2012] Also Digital

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Estuarine ecohydrology : an introductionEric Wolanski. 2016. [QH541.15 .E19 W66 2016]

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Guinea pigDorothy Yamamoto. Animal series. 2015. [QL737 .R634 Y36 2015]

Handbook of bioelectronics : directly interfacing electronics and biological systemsEdited by Sandro Carrara and Krzysztof Iniewski. 2015. [R856 .H35 2015] Also Digital

How dogs workRaymond Coppinger and Mark Feinstein. 2015. [QL737 .C22 C64 2015]

I, superorganism : learning to love your inner ecosystemJon Turney. 2015. [QR171 .A1 T87 2015]

Inquiring into animal enhancement : model or countermodel of human enhancement? Edited by Simone Bateman, et al. Health, technology, and society and Palgrave pivot. 2015. [QH332 .I565 2015]

Intelligence in ape and manDavid Premack. Psychology revivals. 2013. [BF431 .P683 2013]

John Muir's book of animalsJohn Muir. Illustrated by Lisel Jane Ashlock. 2015. [QL155 .M85 2015]

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Moonstruck : how lunar cycles affect lifeErnest Naylor. 2015. [QB588 .N39 2015]

MutualismEdited by Judith L. Bronstein. 2015. [QH548.3 .M883 2015] Also Digital

Nature et économie : un regard sur les écosystèmes du QuébecEdited byJérôme Dupras and Jean-Pierre Revéret. 2015. [QH541.15 .L35 N36 2015]

Nature of the beastTerry Muller. 2015. [HD1036 .M85 2015]

Nests, eggs, and incubation : new ideas about avian reproductionEdited by D.C. Deeming and S.J. Reynolds. 2015. [QL675 .N48 2015] Also Digital

Neuroeconomics of prosocial behavior : the compassionate egoistCarolyn Declerck and Christophe Boone. 2016. [QP360.5 .D42 2016]

Northeast Ferns : a field guide to the ferns and fern relatives of the northeastern United StatesSteve W. Chadde. 2013. [QK525.5 .N67 C53 2013]

Nutritional biochemistry : current topics in nutrition researchEdited by Chad Cox. 2016. [QP141 .N858 2016]

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On the wing : insects, pterosaurs, birds, bats, and the evolution of animal flightDavid E. Alexander. Illustrated by Sara L. Taliaferro. 2015. [QP310 .F5 A543 2015]

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Quantified : redefining conservation for the next economyJoe Whitworth. 2015. [HC79 .E5 W498 2015]

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The fundamentals of scientific research : an introductory laboratory manualMarcy A. Kelly. 2015. [QH583.2 .K45 2015]

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The telomerase revolution : the enzyme that holds the key to human aging ... and will soon lead to longer, healthier livesMichael Fossel. 2015. [QP86 .F69 2015]

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Altered genes, twisted truth : how the venture to genetically engineer our food has subverted science, corrupted government, and systematically deceived the publicSteven M. Druker. Foreword by Jane Goodall. 2015. [TP248.65 .F66 D78 2015]

Animals and medicine : the contribution of animal experiments to the control of diseaseJack H. Botting. Edited by Regina M. Botting. 2015. [HV4915 .B688 2015] Also Digital

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