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A buzz in the meadowDave Goulson. 2014. [SF531 .F8 G68 2014]

A field guide to the snakes of Borneo, 2nd edRobert B. Stuebing, Robert F. Inger, and Björn Lardner. 2014. [QL666 .O6 S878 2014]

Animal movement across scalesEdited by Lars-Anders Hansson and Susanne Åkesson. 2014. [QL754 .A57 2014]

Arrival of the fittest : solving evolution's greatest puzzleAndreas Wagner. 2014. [QH375 .W327 2014]

Behaviour and management of European ungulatesEdited by Rory Putman and Marco Apollonio. 2014. [QL737 .U4 B44 2014]

Beyond the bifurcation of nature : a common world for animals and the environmentEdited by Brianne Donaldson. 2014. [GE42 .B49 2014]

Biodiversity of Assam : status, strategy and action plan for conservationEdited by A.K. Bhagabati, M.C. Kalita, and S. Baruah. 2014. [QH77 .I4 B56 2014]

Cellular in vitro testing : methods and protocolsEdited by John W. Haycock, Arti Ahluwalia, and John M. Wilkinson. 2015. [R857 .T55 C47 2015]

Curious : the desire to know and why your future depends on itIan Leslie. 2014. [BF323 .C8 L447 2014]

Diatoms of the United States. Volume 1: Taxonomy, ultrastructure and descriptions of new species and other rarely reported taxa from lake sediments in the western U.S.A. Edited by H. Lange-Bertalot and J. Patrick Kociolek. Bibliotheca Diatomologica, 61. 2014. [QK569 .D54 D545 2014 V.1]

Facing it : epiphany and apocalypse in the new natureM. Jimmie Killingsworth. Photographs by Mary Ann Jacob. The seventh generation: survival, sustainability, sustenance in a new nature. 2014. [GE56 .K55 A3 2014]

Forest entomology : emerging issues and dimensionsEdited by Mujeeb Rahman and Mary Anto. 2014. [SB764 .I5 F67 2014]

Four fieldsTim Dee. 2013. [QH75 .D394 2013]

Green wars : dispatches from a vanishing worldBahar Dutt. 2014. [QH77 .I4 D88 2014]

Honey bees and colony collapse disorder : select analysesEdited by Ayden N. Caudill. Insects and other terrestrial arthropods: biology, chemistry and behavior series. 2013. [SF538 .H65 2013]

Human longevity : omega-3 fatty acids, bioenergetics, molecular biology, and evolutionRaymond C. Valentine and David L. Valentine. 2015. [QP86 .V35 2015] Also Digital

Human variation : a genetic perspective on diversity, race, and medicineEdited by Aravinda Chakravarti. 2014. [QH455 .H87 2014]

In search of cell history : the evolution of life's building blocksFranklin M. Harold. 2014. [QH582.4 .H35 2014]

Indian mammals : a field guideVivek Menon. 2014. [QL729 .I4 M46 2014]

Life's blueprint : the science and art of embryo creationBenny Shilo. 2014. [QM601 .S55 2014]

Limnological methods for environmental rehabilitation : the fine art of restoring aquatic ecosystemsSven Björk. 2014. [QH541.5 .L3 B586 2014]

Logical modeling of biological systemsEdited by Luis Fariñas del Cerro and Katsumi Inoue. Bioengineering and health science series. 2014. [QH324.2 .L64 2014] Also Digital

Making space : how the brain knows where things areJennifer M. Groh. 2014. [QP491 .G76 2014]

Membrane proteins production for structural analysisEdited by Isabelle Mus-Veteau. 2014. [QP552 .M44 M467 2014] Also Digital

Papua New Guinea birdsRoy D. Mackay. Photographs by Roy Mackay and Margaret Mackay. 1987. [QL691 .P35 M1242 1987]

Pesticide risk assessment for pollinators : from the SETAC Pellston Workshop on pesticide risk assessment for pollinators, January 15-21, 2011, Pensacola, Florida, USAEdited by David Fischer and Thomas Moriarty. 2014. [SF538.5 .P65 P47 2014] Also Digital

Plant image analysis : fundamentals and applicationsEdited by S. Dutta Gupta and Yasuomi Ibaraki. 2015. [QK865 .P59 2015] Also Digital

Primate comparative anatomyDaniel L. Gebo. Illustrated by Mat Severson. 2014. [QL737 .P9 G37 2014]

Protein aggregation in bacteria : functional and structural properties of inclusion bodies in bacterial cellsEdited by Silvia Maria Doglia and Marina Lotti. Wiley series in protein and peptide science. 2014. [QP552 .C34 P75 2014] Also Digital

Proteomics : targeted technology, innovations and applicationsEdited by Manuel Fuentes and Joshua LaBaer. 2014. [QP551 .P768 2014]

Quickstart molecular biology : an introduction for mathematicians, physicists, and computational scientistsPhilip N. Benfey. 2014. [QH506 .B456 2014]

Relicts of a beautiful sea : survival, extinction, and conservation in a desert worldChristopher J. Norment. 2014. [QL668 .C2 N67 2014]

RNA-seq data analysis : a practical approachEija Korpelainen, et al. Chapman & Hall/CRC Mathematical and computational biology series. 2015. [QP623 .K67 2015] Also Digital

Root engineering : basic and applied conceptsEdited by Asunción Morte and Ajit Varma. Soil biology, 40. 2014. [QK644 .R652 2014] Also Digital

Sri Lankan primates : an enthusiasts' guideRohan Pethiyagoda. Research and photography by Madura De Silva and Nadika Hapuarachchi. 2012. [QL737 .P9 P484 2012]

The biology of squat lobstersEdited by Gary C.B. Poore, Shane T. Ahyong, and Joanne Taylor. Crustacean issues, 20. 2011. [QL444 .M33 B568 2011]

The cockatoos : a complete guide to the 21 speciesEdward John Mulawka. 2014. [QL696 .P7 M85 2014]

The illustrated atlas of the human bodyBeverly McMillan. 2008. [QM25 .M225 2008 F]

The nature of classification : relationships and kinds in the natural sciencesJohn S. Wilkins and Malte C. Ebach. 2014. [Q177 .W55 2014]

The practice of statistics in the life sciences, 3rd edBrigitte Baldi and David S. Moore. 2014. [QH323.5 .B35 2014]

The Szczecin Lagoon ecosystem : the biotic community of the great lagoon and its food web modelNorbert Wolnomiejski and Zbigniew Witek. Versita discipline: life sciences. 2013. [QH92.7 .W6 2013]


National Geographic complete birds of North America, 2nd edEdited by Jonathan Alderfer and Jon L. Dunn. Maps by Paul Lehman. 2014. [QL681 .N28 2014]




A bioinformatics guide for molecular biologistsEdited by Sarah J. Aerni and Marina Sirota. 2014. [QH506 .B534 2014]

A field guide to the larger mammals of TanzaniaCharles Foley, et al. WILDGuides. 2014. [QL731 .T35 F65 2014]

A selection of the correspondence of Linnaeus, and other naturalists; from the original manuscripts. Volume 1Edited by James Edward Smith. Cambridge Library Collection. 2014. [QH44 .S65 2014 V.1]

American plains bison : rewilding an iconJames A. Bailey. 2013. [QL737 .U53 B285 2013]

Animal endo-siRNAs : methods and protocolsEdited by Andreas Werner. Methods in Molecular Biology, 1173. 2014. [QH506 .M45 V.1173]

Antarctic lakesJohanna Laybourn-Parry and Jemma L. Wadham. 2014. [GB1797 .L39 2014]

Baby gorilla : photographic and descriptive atlas of skeleton, muscles and internal organs including CT scans and comparison with adult gorillas, humans and other primatesRui Diogo, et al. 2015. [QL737 .P94 D56 2014]

Bee time : lessons from the hiveMark L. Winston. 2014. [SF523.3 .W547 2014]

Better than one : how we each have two mindsDavid J. Uings. 2014. [B808.9 .U36 2014]

BIOMAT 2013 : International Symposium on Mathematical and Computational Biology, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 4-8 November 2013Edited by Rubem P Mondaini. 2014. [QH323.5 .I5646 2013] Also Digital

Biomaterials innovation : bundling technologies and lifeAlexander Styhre. 2014. [R857 .M3 S79 2014]

Biomimetics and stem cells : methods and protocolsEdited by Gordana Vunjak-Novakovic and Kursad Turksen. Methods in molecular biology, 1202. 2014. [QH506 .M45 V.1202] Also Digital

Birds of the hedgerow, field and woodlandRaphael Nelson. 2014. [QL690 .G7 N44 2014]

Britain's dragonflies : a field guide to the damselflies and dragonflies of Britain and Ireland, 3rd edDave Smallshire and Andy Swash. WILDGuides. 2014. [QL520.24 .G7 S63 2014]

Cancer genomics and proteomics : methods and protocolsEdited by Narendra Wajapeyee. Methods in molecular biology, 1176. 2014. [QH506 .M45 V.1176] Also Digital

Cardiac tissue engineering : methods and protocolsEdited by Milica Radisic and Lauren D. Black III. Methods in molecular biology, 1181. 2014. [QH506 .M45 V.1181] Also Digital

Carson's Silent spring : a reader's guideJoni Seager. Bloomsbury reader's guides. 2014. [QH545 .P4 C385 2014]

Celastraceae (hippocrateoideae e salacioideae)Julio Antonio Lombardi. Flora neotropica. 2014. [QK205 .F58 NO.114]

Cell cycle control : mechanisms and protocols, 2nd edEdited by Eishi Noguchi and Mariana C. Gadaleta. Methods in Molecular Biology, 1170. 2014. [QH506 .M45 V.1170]

Cell structure and functionEdited by Guy Orchard and Brian Nation. Fundamentals of biomedical science. 2015. [QH581.2 .C43 2015]

Cilia and flagella, ciliates and flagellates : ultrastructure and cell biology, function and systematics, symbiosis and biodiversityEdited by Klaus Hausmann and Renate Radek. 2014. [QP310 .C5 C55 2014]

CITES and cacti : a user's guideMaurizio Sajeva, et al. 2012. [SB438 .S25 2012 F]

Climate change in the Northwest : implications for our landscapes, waters, and communitiesEdited by Meghan M. Dalton, Philip W. Mote, and Amy K. Snover. National climate assessment technical input report series. 2013. [QC903.2 .N77 C54 2013] Also Digital

Cognitive neuroscience of attention : a developmental perspectiveEdited by by John E. Richards. 2009. [QP405 .C713 2009]

Common woody plants and cacti of South Texas : a field guideRichard B. Taylor. Texas natural history guides. 2014. [QK188 .T268 2014]

Complexity : a very short introductionJohn H. Holland. Very short introductions. 2014. [Q175.32 .C65 H65 2014]

Cytokine bioassays : methods and protocolsEdited by Ivana Vancurova. Methods in Molecular Biology, 1172. 2014. [QH506 .M45 V.1172]

Directed evolution library creation : methods and protocolsEdited by Elizabeth M.J. Gillam, Janine N. Copp, and David F. Ackerley. Methods in molecular biology, 1179. 2014. [QH506 .M45 V.1179] Also Digital

Eco-immunology : evolutive aspects and future perspectivesEdited by Davide Malagoli and Enzo Ottaviani. 2014. [QR181 .E264 2014] Also Digital

Eden again : hope in the marshes of Iraq. Suzanne Alwash. 2013. [QH193 .I7 A49 2013]

Enhancing the value and sustainability of field stations and marine laboratories in the 21st centuryCommittee on Value and Sustainability of Biological Field Stations, Marine Laboratories, and Nature Reserves in 21st Century Science, Education, and Public Outreach, Board on Life Sciences, Division on Earth and Life Studies. 2014. [QH321.5 .E54 2014] Also Digital

Eosinophil : methods and protocolsEdited by Garry M. Walsh. Methods in molecular biology, 1178. 2014. [QH506 .M45 V.1178] Also Digital

Epidermal cells : methods and protocols, 3rd edEdited by Kursad Turksen. Methods in molecular biology, 1195. 2014. [QH506 .M45 V.1195] Also Digital

Essentials of ecology, 4th edMichael Begon, Robert W. Howarth, and Colin R. Townsend. 2014. [QH541 .T66 2014]

Essentials of human anatomy & physiology, 11th edElaine N. Marieb. 2015. [QP34.5 .M455 2015]

Ethnobotanical studies in IndiaEdited by Sanjeev Kumar. 2014. [GN635 .I4 E84 2014]

Exocytosis and endocytosis, 2nd edEdited by Andrei I. Ivanov. Methods in Molecular Biology, 1174. 2014. [QH506 .M45 V.1174]

Feral : rewilding the land, the sea and human lifeGeorge Monbiot. 2014. [QL83.4 .M66 2014]

Flora of Ecuador. Number 91Edited by Claes Persson and Bertil Ståhl. Flora of Ecuador, 91. 2014. [QK266 .F4 V.91 2014]

Free-ranging cats : behavior, ecology, managementStephen Spotte. 2014. [SF450 .S66 2014] Also Digital

Freshwater ecosystems and the carbon cycleJonathan J. Cole. Excellence in ecology, 18. 2013. [QH541.5 .F7 C676 2013]

Freshwater fishes of North America. Volume 1Edited by Melvin L. Warren, Jr. and Brooks M. Burr. Illustrated by Joseph R. Tomelleri. 2014. [QL625 .F74 2014 V.1]

Genome analysis : current procedures and applicationsEdited by Maria S. Poptsova. 2014. [QH445.2 .G4653 2014]

Global forest fragmentationEdited by Chris J. Kettle and Lian Pin Koh. 2014. [QH541.15 .F73 G56 2014]

Handbook of cannabisEdited by Roger G. Pertwee. 2014. [RM666 .C266 H35 2014]

Hematopoietic stem cell protocolsEdited by Kevin D. Bunting and Cheng-Kui Qu. Methods in molecular biology, 1185. 2014. [QH506 .M45 V.1185] Also Digital

Hidden Markov processes : theory and applications to biologyM. Vidyasagar. 2014. [QH324.2 .V54 2014]

Histopathology : methods and protocolsEdited by Christina E. Day. Methods in molecular biology, 1180. 2014. [QH506 .M45 V.1180] Also Digital

Human-environmental interactions in cities : challenges and opportunities of urban land use planning and green infrastructureEdited by Nadja Kabisch, et al. 2014. [HT166 .H86 2014]

Immunoinformatics, 2nd edEdited by Rajat K. De and Namrata Tomar. Methods in molecular biology, 1184. 2014. [QH506 .M45 V.1184] Also Digital

Innate DNA and RNA recognition : methods and protocolsEdited by Hans-Joachim Anders and Adriana Migliorini. Methods in Molecular Biology, 1169. 2014. [QH506 .M45 V.1169]

Invasive species and global climate changeEdited by Lewis H. Ziska and Jeffrey S. Dukes. CABI invasives series, 4. 2014. [QH353 .I586 2014]

Lactic acid bacteria : biodiversity and taxonomyEdited by Wilhelm H. Holzapfel and Brian J. B. Wood. 2014. [QR121 .L3335 2014] Also Digital

Listeria monocytogenes : methods and protocolsEdited by Kieran Jordan, Edward M. Fox, and Martin Wagner. Methods in Molecular Biology, 1157. 2014. [QH506 .M45 V.1157] Also Digital

Mangrove ecosystems : biogeography, genetic diversity and conservation strategiesEdited by Gerard Gleason and Thomas R. Victor. Environmental research advances. 2013. [QK938 .M27 M35 2013]

Microarrays : current technology, innovations and applicationsEdited by Zhili He. 2014. [QP624.5 .D726 M5148 2014]

Molecular modeling at the atomic scale : methods and applications in quantitative biologyEdited by Ruhong Zhou. Series in computational biophysics. 2015. [QD480 .M632 2015]

Mouse genetics : methods and protocolsEdited by Shree Ram Singh and Vincenzo Coppola. Methods in molecular biology, 1194. 2014. [QH506 .M45 V.1194] Also Digital

Multiaged silviculture : managing for complex forest stand structures. Kevin L. O'Hara. 2014. [SD391 .O33 2014]

Neuroscience and multilingualismEdna Andrews. 2014. [QP399 .A53 2014] Also Digital

Nocturne : creatures of the nightTraer Scott. 2014. [QL755.5 .S36 2014]

Notch signaling : methods and protocolsEdited by Hugo J. Bellen and Shinya Yamamoto. Methods in molecular biology, 1187. 2014. [QH506 .M45 V.1187] Also Digital

On immunity : an inoculationEula Biss. 2014. [QR181 .B538 2014]

Paradise transplanted : migration and the making of California gardensPierrette Hondagneu-Sotelo. 2014. [SB466 .U65 C234 2014]

Patch-clamp methods and protocols, 2nd edEdited by Marzia Martina and Stefano Taverna. Methods in molecular biology, 1183. 2014. [QH506 .M45 V.1183] Also Digital

PCR, 2nd ed. Michael J. McPherson and Simon Geir Møller. The basics. 2006. [QP606 .D46 M37 2006]

Phillipps' field guide to the birds of Borneo : Sabah, Sarawak, Brunei, and Kalimantan, 3rd edQuentin Phillipps. Illustrated by Karen Phillipps. 2014. [QL691 .B6 P5 2014]

Planet of the bugs : evolution and the rise of insectsScott Richard Shaw. 2014. [QL468.7 .S53 2014]

Plant behaviour and intelligenceAnthony Trewavas. 2014. [QK711.2 .T74 2014]

Plant epigenetics and epigenomics : methods and protocolsEdited by Charles Spillane and Peter C. McKeown. Methods in Molecular Biology, 1112. 2014. [QH506 .M45 V.1112] Also Digital

Plant map kinases : methods and protocolsEdited by George Komis and Jozef Šamaj. Methods in Molecular Biology, 1171. 2014. [QH506 .M45 V.1171]

Plantes sauvages de la Loire et du Rhône : atlas de la flore vasculaireDirection de la publication Vincent Boullet. Articles généraux Philippe Antonetti, et al. 2013. [QK313 .P5285 2013 F]

Polyadenylation : methods and protocolsEdited by Joanna Rorbach and Agnieszka J. Bobrowicz. Methods in molecular biology, 1125. 2014. [QH506 .M45 V.1125] Also Digital

Principles of horticulture. Level 2Charles Adams, Mike Early, Jane Brook and Katherine Bamford. 2015. [SB318 .A33 2015]

Protein affinity tags : methods and protocolsEdited by Richard J. Giannone and Andrew B. Dykstra. Methods in Molecular Biology, 1177. 2014. [QH506 .M45 V.1177]

Quantitative genetics in the wildEdited by Anne Charmantier, Dany Garant, and Loeske E.B. Kruuk. 2014. [QH452.7 .Q368 2014] Also Digital

Quantum dots : applications in biology, 2nd edEdited by Adriana Fontes and Beate Saegesser Santos. Methods in molecular biology, 1199. 2014. [QH506 .M45 V.1199] Also Digital

Remarkable plants that shape our worldHelen Bynum and William Bynum. 2014. [QK50 .B96 2014]

RNA mapping : methods and protocolsEdited by M. Lucrecia Alvarez and Mahtab Nourbakhsh. Methods in molecular biology, 1182. 2014. [QH506 .M45 V.1182] Also Digital

Signaling by receptor tyrosine kinases : a subject collection from Cold Spring Harbor perspectives in biologyEdited by Joseph Schlessinger and Mark A. Lemmon. 2014. [QP606 .P76 S54 2014]

Social calls of the bats of Britain and IrelandNeil Middleton, Andrew Froud, and Keith French. 2014. [QL737 .C5 M53 2014]

Spliceosomal pre-mRNA splicing : methods and protocolsEdited by Klemens J. Hertel. Methods in Molecular Biology, 1126. 2014. [QH506 .M45 V.1126]

Stitching the West back together : conservation of working landscapesEdited by Susan Charnley, Thomas E. Sheridan, and Gary P. Nabhan. Summits: environmental science, law, and policy. 2014. [QH541.15 .L35 S858 2014]

Strategies for reducing drug and chemical residues in food animals : international approaches to residue avoidance, management, and testingEdited by Ronald E. Baynes and Jim E. Riviere. 2014. [SF95 .S88 2014]

Structural genomics : general applicationsEdited by Yu Wai Chen. Methods in Molecular Biology, 1091. 2014. [QH506 .M45 V.1091] Also Digital

The ecology of tropical East Asia, 2nd edRichard T. Corlett. 2014. [QH84.5 .C67 2014]

The Gulf Research Program : a strategic visionNational Research Council (U.S.). Advisory Group Gulf Research Program. 2014. [QH541.15 .M64 N37 2014]

The history of logging in North BorneoRoss Ibbotson. 2014. [SD538.3 .M4 I25 2014]

The human age : the world shaped by usDiane Ackerman. 2014. [GF13 .A35 2014]

The mycota : a comprehensive treatise on fungi as experimental systems for basic and applied research. Volume 7: Systematics and evolution, Part AEdited by David J. McLaughlin and Joseph W. Spatafora. 2014. [QK603 .M87 2004 V.7]

The myth of mirror neurons : the real neuroscience of communication and cognitionGregory Hickok. 2014. [QP376 .H53 2014]

Tourism, environment and ecology in the Mediterranean regionEdited by Recep Efe and Münir Öztürk. 2014. [G155 .M46 T68 2014]

Transcription factor regulatory networks : methods and protocolsEdited by Etsuko Miyamoto-Sato, et al. Methods in Molecular Biology, 1164. 2014. [QH506 .M45 V.1164]

Understanding relationships between biodiversity, carbon, forests and people : the key to achieving REDD+ objectivesEdited by John A. Parrotta, Christoph Wildburger, and Stephanie Mansourian. IUFRO world series, 31. 2012. [SD387 .C37 U53 2012 F]

Virtually human : the promise--and the peril--of digital immortalityMartine Rothblatt. Foreword by Ray Kurzweil. Illustrated by Ralph Steadman. 2014. [Q335 .R688 2014]

Weeds of North AmericaRichard Dickinson and France Royer. 2014. [SB613 .N7 D54 2014]

Welcome to subirdia : sharing our neighborhoods with wrens, robins, woodpeckers, and other wildlifeJohn M. Marzluff. Illustrated by Jack DeLap. 2014. [QL677.5 .M38 2014]




A sparrowhawk's lament : how British breeding birds of prey are faringDavid Cobham. Illustrated by Bruce Pearson. WILDGuides. 2014. [QL696 .F3 C63 2014]

Alaska's changing arctic : ecological consequences for tundra, streams, and lakesEdited by John E. Hobbie and George W. Kling. Long-term ecological research network series. 2014. [QH541.5 .T8 A53 2014]

Among chimpanzees : field notes from the race to save our endangered relativesNancy J. Merrick. 2014. [QL737 .P96 M47 2014]

An indomitable beast : the remarkable journey of the jaguarAlan Rabinowitz. 2014. [QL737 .C23 R324 2014]

Anatomy of exercise encyclopediaHollis Lance Liebman. 2014. [QP301 .L625 2014]

Animal influenza virus, 2nd edEdited by Erica Spackman. Methods in molecular biology, 1161. 2014. [QH506 .M45 V.1161] Also Digital

Applied plant virologyCalum R. Wilson. Modular texts. 2014. [QR351 .W55 2014]

Aquatic plants in Britain and IrelandC.D. Preston and J.M. Croft. Illustrated by G.M.S. Easy. 2014. [QK306 .P725 2014]

Aristotle's ladder, Darwin's tree : the evolution of visual metaphors for biological orderJ. David Archibald. 2014. [QH315 .A723 2014]

Arthritis research : methods and protocols, 2nd edEdited by Shunichi Shiozawa. Methods in molecular biology, 1142. 2014. [QH506 .M45 V.1142] Also Digital

Axon growth and regeneration : methods and protocolsEdited by Andrew J. Murray. Methods in molecular biology, 1162. 2014. [QH506 .M45 V.1162] Also Digital

Beetles of eastern North AmericaArthur V. Evans. 2014. [QL581 .E93 2014]

Biochemistry, molecular biology, and genetics, 6th edMichael A. Lieberman and Rick Ricer. Board review series. 2014. [QP518.3 .S93 2014]

Biodiversity conservation in Nepal : a success storyEdited by Krishna Prasad Acharya and Maheshwor Dhakal. 2012. [QH77 .N35 B56 2012]

Biology and conservation of North American tortoisesEdited by David C. Rostal, Earl D. McCoy, and Henry R. Mushinsky. 2014. [QL666 .C584 B56 2014]

Bioresources of the Eastern ghats : their conservation and managementK.V. Krishnamurthy, R. Murugan and K. Ravikumar. 2014. [QH77.I4 K75 2014]

Carbon cycle science : research priorities and congressional considerationsEdited by Gabriel Gonzales. Environmental research advances. 2013. [QH344.3 .U56 C37 2013]

Cartographies of nature : how nature conservation animates bordersEdited by Maano Ramutsindela. 2014. [S944.5 .P78 C37 2014]

Clinical bioinformatics, 2nd edEdited by Ronald Trent. Methods in molecular biology, 1168. 2014. [QH506 .M45 V.1168] Also Digital

Cold tolerance in rice cultivationPranab Basuchaudhuri. 2014. [SB191 .R5 C64 2014] Also Digital

Coldwater fishes of India : an atlasEdited byW. Vishwanath, et al. 2011. [QL634 .I5 C65 2011]

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Dengue : methods and protocolsEdited by Radhakrishnan Padmanabhan and Subhash G. Vasudevan. Methods in molecular biology, 1138. 2014. [QH506 .M45 V.1138] Also Digital

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Ecology of wildfire residuals in boreal forestsAjith H. Perera and Lisa J. Buse. 2014. [QH545 .F5 P47 2014] Also Digital

Engineering and analyzing multicellular systems : methods and protocolsEdited by Lianhong Sun, Wenying Shou. Methods in molecular biology, 1151. 2014. [QH506 .M45 V.1151] Also Digital

Especies y ecosistemas del Río UruguayFernando Pérez Piedrabuena and María Gabriela Bentancur Viglione. 2013. [QH129 .U8 P47 2013]

Essential readings in evolutionary biology. Edited by Francisco J. Ayala and John C. Avise. 2014. [QH361 .E87 2014]

Evolving animals : the story of our kingdomWallace Arthur. Illustrated by Stephen Arthur. 2014. [QH366.2 .A775 2014] Also Digital

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Experimental evolution and the nature of biodiversityRees Kassen. 2014. [QH541.15 .B56 K37 2014]

Farmland conservation : evidence for the effects of interventions in northern and western EuropeLynn V. Dicks, et al. Synopses of conservation evidence, 3. 2014. [S604.64 .E9 D53 2014]

Flavins and flavoproteins : methods and protocolsEdited by Stefan Weber and Erik Schleicher. Methods in molecular biology, 1146. 2014. [QH506 .M45 V.1146] Also Digital

Flora of the Seychelles : a fieldguide to selected plantsSteen G. Hansen and Victorin F. Laboudallon. 2013. [QK429 .S4 H36 2013]

Forage for pollinators in an agricultural landscapeEdited by Andrew Matheson and Norman L Carreck. 2014. [SF523 .F67 2014]

Forests in our changing world : new principles for conservation and managementJoe Landsberg and Richard Waring. 2014. [SD390.7 .C55 L37 2014]

Foundations of macroecology : classic papers with commentariesEdited by Felisa A. Smith, John L. Gittleman, and James H. Brown. 2014. [QH541.15 .M23 F68 2014]

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Herpes simplex virus : methods and protocolsEdited by Russell J. Diefenbach and Cornel Fraefel. Methods in molecular biology, 1144. 2014. [QH506 .M45 V.1144] Also Digital

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Human fertility : methods and protocolsEdited by Zev Rosenwaks, Paul M. Wassarman. Methods in molecular biology, 1154. 2014. [QH506 .M45 V.1154] Also Digital

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