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Adult stem cells: methods and protocols. Edited by Paolo Di Nardo, Sanjiv Dhingra, and Dinender K. Singla. Methods in molecular biology; 1553. 2017. [QH506 .M45 V.1553] Also Digital

Acetic acid bacteria: fundamentals and food applications. Edited by Ilkin Yucel Sengun. Food biology series. 2017. [QR82 .P78 A34 2017]

All the world's primates. Edited by Noel Rowe and Marc Myers; foreword by Jane Goodall; introduction by Russell A. Mittermeier and Anthony B. Rylands; notes on primate taxonomy and species concepts by Colin Groves. 2016. [QL737 .P9 A55 2016]

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Best places to bird: in British Columbia: local experts, insider knowledge, specialty birds. Russell Cannings. 2017. [QL685.5 .B8 C36 2017]

The big conservation lie: the untold story of wildlife conservation in Kenya. John Mbaria. 2016. [QL84.6 .K4 M33 2016]

Biodiversity, climate change and socio-economic development in the Indian Himalaya: an overview. K.S. Rao. 2016. [QH77 .I4 R38 2016]

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Birds of Goa. Bikram Grewal. 2016. [QL691 .I4 G74 2016]

Birds of prey: hawks, eagles, falcons, and vultures of North America. Pete Dunne; photo research and production by Kenvin T. Karlson. 2017. [QL677.78 .D86 2017]

Bison and people on the North American Great Plains: a deep environmental history. Edited by Geoff Cunfer and Bill Waiser; foreword by Sterling Evans. Connecting the greater west. 2016. [SK297 .B57 2016]

Botanicals: secrets of observational drawing. Valerie Baines. Classic sketchbook. 2017. [QK98.2 .B35 2017]

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Cancer nanotechnology: methods and protocols. Edited by Reema Zeineld. Methods in molecular biology; 1530. 2017. [QH506 .M45 V.1530] Also Digital

Cat wars: the devastating consequences of a cuddly killer. Peter P. Marra. 2016. [SF450 .M37 2016]

The Chicago guide to communicating science, 2nd ed. Scott L. Montgomery. Chicago guides to writing, editing, and publishing. 2017. [T10.5 .M65 2017]

Chromosome structure and aberrations. Edited by Tariq Ahmad Bhat and Aijaz Ahmad Wani. 2017. [QH600 .C4947 2017]

Climate change and the Bay of Bengal: evolving geographies of fear and hope. Sanjay Chaturvedi. 2015. [QC903.2 .B37 C43 2015]

Coexistence: the ecology and evolution of tropical biodiversity. Jan Sapp. 2016. [QH84.5 .S27 2016]

Conservation criminology. Edited by Meredith L. Gore. 2017. [S944.5 .S63 C66 2017]

Critical norths: space, nature, theory. Edited by Sarah Jaquette Ray and Kevin Maier. 2017. [GE160.A68 C75 2017]

Darwin: the power of observation and reflection. Guido J. Braem. 2015. [QH31 .D2 B749 2015]

The ecology and evolution of Heliconius butterflies. Chris D. Jiggins. 2017. [QL561 .H42 J54 2017] Also Digital

Economic botany: a comprehensive study, 5th ed. S.L. Kochhar. 2016. [SB107 .K64 2016]

Ecosystems of California. Edited by Harold Mooney and Erika Zavaleta; graphics editor, Melissa Chapin. 2016. [QH105 .C2 E36 2016] Also Digital

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The evolution of beauty: how Darwin's forgotten theory of mate choice shapes the animal world-- and us. Richard O. Prum. 2017. [QL761 .P744 2017]

Evolutionary psychology: the new science of the mind, 5th ed. David M. Buss. 2015. [BF698.95 .B87 2015]

Evolution's bite: a story of teeth, diet, and human origins. Peter S. Ungar. 2017. [GN281.4 .U54 2017]

Evolution's chimera: bats and the marvel of evolutionary adaptation. David Jacobs; with photos by Jens Rydell, Brock Fenton, and David Jacobs; illustrations by Alicia Thomas. 2016. [QL737 .C5 J33 2016]

Extinction studies: stories of time, death, and generations. Edited by Deborah Bird Rose, Thom van Dooren, and Matthew Chrulew. 2017. [QH78 .E96 2017]

Flavor: the science of our most neglected sense. Bob Holmes. 2017. [QP456 .H66 2017]

Food allergens: methods and protocols. Edited by Jing Lin and Marcos Alcocer. Methods in molecular biology; 1592. 2017. [QH506 .M45 V.1592] Also Digital

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Forests, business and sustainability. Edited by Rajat Panwar, Robert Kozak, and Eric Hansen. The Earthscan forest library. 2016. [HD9750.5 .F675 2016]

Frutas no Brasil: nativas e exóticas (de consumo in natura). Harri Lorenzi. 2015. [SB359 .L67 2015]

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Horses of the world. Élise Rousseau; illustrated by Yann Le Bris; translated by Teresa Lavender Fagan. 2017. [SF278 .R6813 2017]

How the vertebrate brain regulates behavior: direct from the lab. Donald Pfaff. 2017. [QP376 .P447 2017]

Human T-lymphotropic viruses: methods and protocols. Edited by Claudio Casoli. Methods in molecular biology; 1582. 2017. [QH506 .M45 V.1582] Also Digital

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The intimate bond: how animals shaped human history. Brian Fagan. 2016. [QL85 .F34 2016]

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Kin: how we came to know our microbe relatives. John L. Ingraham. 2017. [QR13 .I547 2017]

King's collectors for Kew: James Bowie and Allan Cunningham, Brazil 1814-1816. A.E. Orchard. 2015. [QK31 .B685 O73 2015]

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Light microscopy: methods and protocols. Edited by Yolanda Markaki and Hartmann Harz. Methods in molecular biology; 1563. 2017. [QH506 .M45 V.1563] Also Digital

The little book of birds. Anne Jankeliowitch. 2017. [QL676 .J3613 2017]

Livestock production in New Zealand. Edited by Kevin Stafford. 2017. [SF55 .N45 L58 2017]

The mammals of India: a systematic & cartographic review. Text, photographs, line drawings & maps by Anwaruddin Choudhury; foreword by Colin Groves. 2016. [QL729 .I4 C566 2016]

Mapping ecosystem services. Edited by Benjamin Burkhard and Joachim Maes. 2017. [QH541.15 .M26 M37 2017]

MATLAB for brain and cognitive scientists. Mike X Cohen. 2017. [QP357.5 .C56 2017]

Matrix metalloproteases: methods and protocols. Edited by Charles A. Galea. Methods in molecular biology; 1579. 2017. [QH506 .M45 V.1579] Also Digital

Medicinal plants of the Andes and the Amazon: the magic and medicinal flora of northern Peru. Rainer W. Bussmann. 2015. [QK99 .P4 B868 2015] Also Digital

Meiosis, 2nd ed. Edited by David T. Stuart. Methods in molecular biology; 1471. 2017. [QH506 .M45 V.1471] Also Digital

MicroRNA detection and target identification: methods and protocols. Edited by Tamas Dalmay. Methods in molecular biology; 1580. 2017. [QH506 .M45 V.1580] Also Digital

Mitochondria: practical protocols, 2nd ed. Edited by Dejana Mokranjac and Fabiana Perocchi. Methods in molecular biology; 1567. 2017. [QH506 .M45 V.1567] Also Digital

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My interface with wild and woods. R.D. Sharma. 2015. [SD414 .I5 S53 2015]

Organ regeneration: 3D stem cell culture & manipulation. Edited by Takashi Tsuji. Methods in molecular biology; 1597. 2017. [QH506 .M45 V.1597] Also Digital

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Population wars: a new perspective on competition and coexistence. Greg Graffin. 2015. [JZ6385 .G73 2015]

Principles of biology, 2nd ed. Robert J. Brooker. 2018. [QH308.2 .B75 2018]

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Processes in human evolution: the journey from early hominins to Neanderthals and modern humans, 2nd ed. Francisco J. Ayala. 2017. [GN281 .A93 2017]

Promoter associated RNA: methods and protocols. Edited by Sara Napoli. Methods in molecular biology; 1543. 2017. [QH506 .M45 V.1543] Also Digital

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Protein terminal profiling: methods and protocols. Edited by Oliver Schilling.Methods in molecular biology; 1574. 2017. [QH506 .M45 V.1574] Also Digital

Raptors: the curious nature of diurnal birds of prey. Keith L. Bildstein. 2017. [QL677.78 .B556 2017]

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Solutions manual for Introduction to genetic analysis. Jay Brewster. 2015. [QH430 .I62 2015B]

South Indian butterflies: field guide, 2nd ed. K. Gunathilagaraj. 2015. [QL556 .I4 S66 2015]

Stable isotopes to trace migratory birds and to identify harmful diseases: an introductory guide. G.J. Viljoen. 2016. [QL698.9 .V55 2016]

Stem cell banking: concepts and protocols. Edited by Jeremy M. Crook and Tenneille E. Ludwig. Methods in molecular biology; 1590. 2017. [QH506 .M45 V.1590] Also Digital

A student handbook for writing in biology, 5th ed. Karin Knisely. 2017. [QH304 .K59 2017]

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Talking to animals: how you can understand animals and they can understand you. Jon Katz. 2017. [QL776 .K38 2017]

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Telomeres and telomerase: methods and protocols, 3rd ed. Edited by Zhou Songyang. Methods in molecular biology; 1587. 2017. [QH506 .M45 V.1587] Also Digital

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