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2017 new print book lists for the Science Library

August 2017

Ameta, Rakshit. (2017). Photocatalysis: Principles and applications.
Science – Stacks QD716 .P45 A44 2017

Braun, Artur. (2017). X-ray studies on electrochemical systems: Synchrotron methods for energy materials.
Science – Stacks QD555.8 .B73 2017

Brown, Theodore L. (2018). Chemistry: The central science.
Science – Stacks QD31.3 .B76 2018

Italian Society of Chemistry, Division of Organic Chemistry. (1997-).Targets in heterocyclic systems: Chemistry and properties.
Science Stacks — QD400 .T37 V.20 2016

Kamer, Paul C. J., Dieter Vogt, and Joris W. Thybaut, eds. (2017). Contemporary catalysis: Science, technology, and applications.
Science – Stacks QD505 .C66 2017

Le Pinnet, Paul. (2017). Laboratory scientific glassblowing: A practical training method.
Science – Stacks QD63 .G5 L4 2017

Meyer, Eugene. (2014). Chemistry of hazardous materials, 6th ed.
Science – Safety TH9446 .H38 M48 2014

Nolan, S.P. and C.S.J. Cazin, eds. (2017). Science of synthesis. N-heterocyclic carbenes in catalytic organic synthesis.
Science – Reference QD262 .S3595 2017 V.2

Patrick, Graham L. (2017). Organic chemistry: A very short introduction.
Science – Stacks QD251.3 .P38 2017

Rocha, Christina De La. (2017). Silica stories.
Science – Stacks QE389.62 .R63 2017

Teixeira, José. (2017). Molecular physical chemistry: A computer-based approach using Mathematica and Gaussian.
Science – Stacks QD453.3 .T45 2017

Wang, Weike. (2017). Chemistry: A novel.
Science – Stacks PS3623 .A4585 C47 2017

July 2017

(1998-). Peterson's graduate programs in the physical sciences, mathematics, agricultural sciences, the environment & natural resources, 51st ed.
Science – Reference Q183.3 .P45 51ST 2017

Moore, Kate. (2017). The radium girls: The dark story of America's shining women.
Science – Stacks HD6067.2 .U6 M66 2017

Orazem, Mark E. (2017). Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, 2nd ed.
Science – Stacks QD116 .I57 O73 2017

Weber, Chris. (2008). Pocket reference for hazardous materials response.
Science – Safety T55.3 .H3 W43 2008

June 2017

Attaway, Stormy. (2017). MATLAB: A practical introduction to programming and problem solving.  
Science – Stacks QA297 .A87 2017

Committee on the Science of Science Communication. (2017). Communicating science effectively: A research agenda.
Science – Stacks Q223 .N38 2017

Hartings, Matthew. (2017). Chemistry in your kitchen.
Science – Stacks TX651 .H377 2017

Hofmann, Angelika H. (2017). Scientific writing and communication: Papers, proposals, and presentations, 3rd ed.
Science – Stacks Q223 .H63 2017

Klein, David R. (2015). Organic chemistry, 2nd ed.
Science – Stacks QD253.2 .K55 2015

Klein, David R. (2015). Student study guide and solutions manual, 2e, for Organic chemistry, 2e.
Science – Stacks QD253.2 .K552 2015

Lu, Wenjun. (2017). Oxidation of C-H bonds.
Science – Stacks QD411 .L848 2017

Nicholson, John W. (2017). The chemistry of polymers, 5th ed.
Science – Stacks QD381 .N53 2017

Russell, Stephen W. (2017). The grant application writer's workbook. National Science Foundation, FastLane version.
Science – Stacks R853 .P75 R871 2017

Sandler, Stanley I. (2017). Chemical, biochemical, and engineering thermodynamics, 5th ed.
Science – Stacks QD504 .S25 2017

Skoog, Douglas A. (2018). Principles of Instrumental Analysis.
Science – Stacks QD79 .I5 S58 2018

Tadros, Tharwat F. (2017). Suspension concentrates: Preparation, stability and industrial applications.
Science – Stacks QD549 .T33 2017

Zecchina, Adriano. (2017). The development of catalysis: A history of key processes and personas in catalytic science and technology.
Science – Stacks QD505 .Z43 2017

Zippel, Kathrin S. (2017). Women in global science: Advancing academic careers through international collaboration.
Science – Stacks Q130 .Z56 2017

May 2017

Adams, Roger, ed. (2016). Organic reactions, v. 91.
Science – Reference QD251 .O7 V.91 2016

Committee on Triennial Review of the National Nanotechnology Initiative, National Materials and Manufacturing Board, Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences, ed. (2016). Triennial review of the National Nanotechnology Initiative.
Science – Stacks T174.7 .T75 2016

Da Róz, Alessandra L., Marystela Ferreira, Fábio de Lima Leite, and Osvaldo N. Oliveira Jr., eds. (2017).  Nanoscience and its applications.
Science – Stacks T174.7 .G7313 2017

Duarte, Fernanda and Shina Caroline Lynn Kamerlin, eds. (2017). Theory and applications of the empirical valence bond approach: From physical chemistry to chemical biology.
Science – Stacks QD469 .T44 2017

Hahn, Theo, U. Shmueli, and A. J. C. Wilson, eds. (2016). International tables for crystallography, v. A, 6th ed.
Science – Reference QD908 .I56 F V.A:6TH ED.2016

Kimizuku, Noboru and Shunpei Yamazaki, eds. (2017). Physics and technology of crystalline oxide semiconductor CAAC-IGZO. Fundamentals.
Science – Stacks TK7871.85 .Y3576 2017

Matarese, Valerie. (2016). Editing research: The author editing approach to providing effective support to writers of research papers.
Science – Stacks PN162 .M295 2016

Russell, Stephen W. (2017). The grant application writer's workbook. National Science Foundation, FastLane version.
Science – Stacks R853 .P75 R871 2017

Williams, Antony J., Gary E. Martin, and David Rovnyak, eds. (2016). Modern NMR approaches for the structure elucidation of natural products, v. 2.
Science – Stacks QD96 .N8 M63 2016 V.2

Yamazaki, Shunpei. (2017). Physics and technology of crystalline oxide semiconductor CAAC-IGZO. Application to LSI.
Science – Stacks TK7871.85 .Y357598 2017

Yamazaki, Shunpei and Tetsuo Tsutsui, eds. (2017). Physics and technology of crystalline oxide semiconductor CAAC-IGZO: Application to displays.
Science – Stacks TK7871.85 .P49 2017

April 2017

American Academy of Arts and Sciences. (2013). ARISE 2: Advancing research in science and engineering: Unleashing America's research & innovation enterprise.
Science – Stacks Q127 .U6 A74 2013

Atkins, Peter. W. (2017). Elements of physical chemistry.
Science – Stacks QD453.3 .A85 2017

Crosby, Guy, ed. (2016). Cook's science: How to unlock flavor in 50 of our favorite ingredients.
Science – Stacks TX651 .C6626 2016

Foresman, James B. (2015). Exploring chemistry with electronic structure methods, 3rd ed.
Science – Stacks QD461 .F72 2015

Jensen, Frank. (2017). Introduction to computational chemistry. 
Science – Stacks QD455.3 .E4 J46 2017

Larson, Gary. (1984). The Far side gallery.
Science – Stacks NC1429 .L32 A4 1984

Larson, Gary. (1986). The Far side gallery 2.
Science – Stacks NC1429 .L32 A4 1986

Larson, Gary. (1988). The Far side gallery 3.
Science – Stacks NC1429 .L32 A4 1988A 

Larson, Gary. (1989). The PreHistory of the Far side: A 10th anniversary exhibit.
Science – Stacks NC1429 .L32 A4 1989A

Larson, Gary. (1994). The Far side gallery 4.
Science – Stacks NC1429 .L32 A4 1994

Larson, Gary. (1995). The Far side gallery 5.
Science – Stacks NC1429 .L32 A4 1995

Nelson, David L. (2017). Lehninger principles of biochemistry.
Science – Stacks QD415 .L44 2017

Rieke, Reuben D. (2017). Chemical synthesis using highly reactive metals.
Science – Stacks QD411.7 .S94 R54 2017

Shaughnessy, Kevin H. (2017). Copper-catalyzed amination of aryl and alkenyl electrophiles.
Science – Stacks QD281 .A6 S53 2017

Smith, E. Brian. (2017). The Boltzmann factor.
Science – Stacks QD462.6 .E53 S65 2017

Smith, Janice G. (2018). Organic chemistry with biological topics.
Science – Stacks QD253.2 .S6325 2018

Spiro, Thomas G. (2012). Chemistry of the environment.
Science – Stacks TD193 .S7 2012

Turro, Nicholas J. (2010). Modern molecular photochemistry of organic molecules.
Science – Stacks QD275 .T87 2010

March 2017

Binder, Rolf, ed. (2017). Optical properties of graphene.
Science – Stacks QD341 .H9 O65 2017

Brown, Keith C. (2017). Essential mathematics for NMR and MRI spectroscopists.
Science – Stacks RC78.7 .N83 B76 2017

Chatel, Gregory. (2017). Sonochemistry: New opportunities for green chemistry.
Science – Stacks QD801 .C43 2017

Committee on Triennial Review of the National Nanotechnology Initiative, National Materials and Manufacturing Board, Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences. (2016). Triennial review of the National Nanotechnology Initiative.
Science – Stacks T174.7 .T75 2016

Davies, Sarah R. (2016). Science communication: Culture, identity and citizenship.
Science – Stacks Q223 .D38 2016

Dorfman, Kevin D. (2017). Numerical methods with chemical engineering applications.
Science – Stacks TP155.2 .M36 D66 2017

Dutta, Binay K. (2017). Mathematical methods in chemical and biological engineering.
Science – Stacks TP155.2 .M36 D87 2017

Gridnev, Ilya. (2017). Enantioselection in asymmetric catalysis.
Science – Stacks QD505 .G7545 2017

Helliwell, John R. (2017). Skills for a scientific life.
Science – Stacks Q180.55 .V6 H45 2017

Niessen, Wilfried M. A. (2017). Interpretation of MS-MS mass spectra of drugs and pesticides.
Science – Stacks QD96 .M3 N525 2017

February 2017

Afonso, Carlos A.M., ed. (2017). Comprehensive organic chemistry experiments for the laboratory classroom.
Science – Stacks QD261 .C745 2017

Center for Chemical Process Safety of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. (2017). Guidelines for safe automation of chemical processes, 2nd ed.
Science – Safety Collection TP155.7 .G85 2017

Cullen, William R. (2017). Arsenic is everywhere: Cause for concern?
Science – Stacks RA1231 .A7 C845 2017

Husband, Tom. (2017). The chemistry of human nature.
Science – Stacks QH345 .H87 2017

Hutchings, Graham, Davidson, Matthew, Catlow, Hardacre, Christopher, Turner, Nicholas, & Collier, Paul, eds. (2017). Modern developments in catalysis.
Science – Stacks QD501 .M776654 2017

Kodolov, Vladimir I. and Korepanov, Mikhail A., eds. (2017). Applied mathematical models and experimental approaches in chemical science.
Science – Stacks QD578 .A67 2017

Otto, Matthias. (2017). Chemometrics: Statistics and computer application in analytical chemistry, 3rd ed.
Science – Stacks QD75.4 .C45 O88 2017

Potter, Jeff. (2016). Cooking for geeks: Real science, great cooks, and good food, 2nd ed.
Science – Stacks TX714 .P682 2015

Sinko, Patrick J., ed. (2017). Martin's physical pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences: Physical chemical and biopharmaceutical principles in the pharmaceutical sciences, 7th ed.
Science – Stacks RS403 .M34 2017  

January 2017

Adams, Roger, ed. (2016). Organic reactions.
Science – Reference QD251 .O7 V.90 2016

Civitello, Linda. (2011). Cuisine and culture: A history of food and people, 3rd ed.
Science – Stacks TX353 .C565 2011

Henderson, Brian. (2017). Protein moonlighting in biology and medicine.
Science – Stacks QD431.25 .S85 H46 2017

Keene, F. Richard. (2017). Chirality in supramolecular assemblies: Causes and consequences.
Science – Stacks QD461 .C45 2017

Kuespert, Daniel Reid. (2016). Research laboratory safety.
Science – Safety Collection Q183 .A1 K84 2016

Lei, Aiwen. (2017). Oxidative cross-coupling reactions.
Science – Stacks QD501 .L37 2017

Li, Jie Jack, ed. (2017). Carbocation chemistry: Applications in organic synthesis.
Science – Stacks QD305 .C3 C27 2017

Litster, Jim. (2016). Design and processing of particulate products.
Science – Stacks TP156 .P3 L58 2016

Morris, Andrew. (2016). Why icebergs float: Exploring science in everyday life.
Science – Stacks Q162 .M867 2016

Nicolosi, Stephen L. (2016). Safety analysis for the chemical laboratory.
Science – Safety Collection QD63.5 .N53 2016

Pirrung, Michael C. (2017). Handbook of synthetic organic chemistry, 2nd ed.
Science – Stacks QD262 .P574 2017

Reetz, Manfred T. (2017). Directed evolution of selective enzymes: Catalysts for organic chemistry and biotechnology.
Science – Stacks TP248.65 .E59 R44 2017

Ruzer, Lev S. (2017). Nanoparticles in humans: Experiments, methods, and strategies.
Science – Stacks RS201 .N35 R89 2017

Seborg, Dale E. (2017). Process dynamics and control.
Science – Stacks TP155.75 .S43 2017

Ultman, James S. (2016). Biomedical mass transport and chemical reaction: Physicochemical principles and mathematical modeling.
Science – Stacks QH509 .U48 2016

Velíšek, Jan. (2014). The chemistry of food.
Science – Stacks TP372.5 .V4513 2014

Ware, George Whitaker. (2004). The pesticide book, 6th ed.
Science – Stacks SB951 .W318 2004

Willis, Martin, ed. (2016). Staging science: Scientific performance on street, stage and screen.
Science – Stacks Q223 .S73 2016

Wolf, Rainer, Zaikov, Gennady E., & Haghi, A.K., eds. (2017). Pathways to modern physical chemistry: An engineering approach with multidisciplinary applications.
Science – Stacks QD453.3 .P38 2017