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QH105 .C2 M15 2020

Madden, Derek, Ken Charters, and Erinn Madden. 2020. The naturalist's illustrated guide to the Sierra Foothills and Central Valley. Berkeley, California: Heyday Books.

QH324.25 .A98 2019

Liò, Pietro, and Paolo Zuliani. 2019. Automated reasoning for systems biology and medicine.  Computational biology; volume 30. Cham, Switzerland: Springer. Also digital.

QH541.15 .B56 S86 2016

Sundar, I. 2016. Economics of biodiversity. New Delhi, India: Serials Publications Pvt. Ltd.

QK96 .T87 2019

Turland, N. J. 2019. The code decoded: a user's guide to the International code of nomenclature for algae, fungi, and plants, 2nd ed. Sofia, Bulgaria: Pensoft.

QK358 .K86 2019

Kumari, Anita. 2019. Floristic diversity in India: special references to Jamshedpur. Delhi: Avon Publications.

QK396 .B74 2019 V.1-3

Bredenkamp, Christina L. 2019. A flora of the Eastern Cape Province. Strelitzia; 41. Pretoria: South African National Biodiversity Institute, SANBI.

QK463 .D39 2019 F

Dawson, John, Rob Lucas, Jane Connor, and Barry Sneddon. 2019. New Zealand's native trees, revised version. Nelson, New Zealand: Potton & Burton.

QK495 .A1 I45 2020 V.1-2

Eggli, Urs, and Reto Nyffeler. 2020. Monocotyledons, 2nd ed. Illustrated handbook of succulent plants. Berlin, Germany: Springer. Also digital.

QK525.5 .M54 C53 2013

Chadde, Steve. 2013. Midwest Ferns: a field guide to the ferns and fern relatives of the north central United States. United States: [publisher not identified].

QK539 .S75 M53 2019 F

Michaelis, Dierk. 2019. The Sphagnum species of the world, 2nd ed. Bibliotheca botanica; 162. Stuttgart: Schweizerbart Science Publishers.

QL84.4 .G7 R49 2019

Woodfall, David. 2019. Rewilding: real life stories of returning British and Irish wildlife to balance. London: William Collins.

QL458.4173 .D68 2019

Douglas, John C. 2019. Spiders of Tasmania. Queen Victoria Museum & Art Gallery natural history series. Launceston, Tasmania: Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery.

QL505.9 .M35 M37 2018

Markey, Andrew. 2019. Mantodea of the world: species catalog. [Place of publication not identified]: [Andrew Markey].

QL548 .M68 V.25:PT.4

Wedge Entomological Research Foundation. 1971. The Moths of America north of Mexico, including Greenland. London: E.W. Classey [distributed in the U.S. by Entomological Reprint Specialists, Los Angeles].

QL605 .L48 2020

Linzey, Donald W. 2020. Vertebrate biology: systematics, taxonomy, natural history, and conservation, 3rd ed. Baltimore, Maryland: Johns Hopkins University Press.

QL675 .B87 2017

Burg, Arnold van den, Verfasser. 2017. Investigating egg failures in birds. Otterlo: Biosphere Science Productions.

QL677 .T65 2019

Tolhuijs, Ad. 2019. 11-Language handbook to the names of all Holarctic birds. Zeist: KNNV Publishing.

QL696 .C43 D37 2020

Darby, Andrew. 2020. Flight Lines: across the globe on a journey with the astonishing ultramarathon birds. Crows Nest, NSW: Allen & Unwin.

SK355 .R47 2020 V.1-2

Silvy, Nova J. 2020. The wildlife techniques manual, 8th ed. Baltimore, Maryland: Johns Hopkins University Press.

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