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QH84 .C65 2020


Cox, Christopher Barry. 2019. Biogeography: an ecological and evolutionary approach, 10th edition. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley.

QH308.2 .B56449 2021


Russell, Peter J. 2020. Biology: the dynamic science, 5th ed. [S.I.]: Cengage Learning.

QH308.2 .S725 2021


Starr, Cecie. 2020. Biology today and tomorrow with physiology, 6th ed. Pacific Grove: Brooks/Cole.

QH353 .E28 2019


Eatherley, Dan. 2019Invasive aliens: the plants and animals from over there that are over here. London: William Collins, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers.

QH450.2 .T6983 2020

Shelomi, Matan. 2020. Transcriptomics in entomological research.
Boston, MA: CAB International.

QH541 .N48 2019

Nielsen, Søren Nors. 2020. A new ecology: systems perspective, 2nd ed. msterdam, Netherlands Cambridge, MA: Elsevier.

QH541 .R54 2018

Relyea, Rick. 2019. Ecology: the economy of nature. New York: W.H. Freeman and Company.

QH541.5 .F7 A38 2019

Hughes, Robert M., Dana M. Infante, Kai Chen, Lizhu Wang, and Bianca de Freitas Terra. 2019. Advances in understanding landscape influences on freshwater habitats and biological assemblages. American Fisheries Society symposium; 90. Bethesda, Maryland: American Fisheries Society.

QH585.5 .D38 R69 2020

Royle, Stephen J. 2020. The digital cell: cell biology as a data science. Cold Spring Harbor, New York: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press.

QL561 .S2 D32 1995 F V.2

D'Abrera, Bernard. 1995. Saturniidae mundi = Saturniid moths of the world : based on the collections of the Natural History Museum in London British Museum (Natural History). Keltern, Germany: Automeris Press; Melbourne: Hill House.

QL751 .D748 2020

Dugatkin, Lee Alan. 2019. Principles of animal behavior, 4th ed. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press.

SB293 .M44 2019

Egamberdieva, Dilfuza, and Antonio Tiezzi. 2019. Medically important plant biomes: source of secondary metabolites. Microorganisms for sustainability; 15. Singapore: Springer. Also digital.

TD192.75 .P46 2019

Arora, Naveen Kumar, and Narendra Kumar. 2019.Phyto and rhizo remediation. Microorganisms for sustainability; 9. Singapore, Springer. Also digital.

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