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Chamberlains waders

The personality brokers

The perfectionists

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BF698.8 .M94 E56 2018 PopSci

Emre, Merve. 2018. The personality brokers: the strange history of Myers-Briggs and the birth of personality testing. New York: Doubleday.

QA171 .I93 2018

Ivanov, A. A. 2018. The Mathieu groups. Cambridge tracts in mathematics; 214. Cambridge, United Kingdom: Cambridge University Press.

QA251.5 .G67 2018

Gorchinskiy, Sergey. 2018. Unramified Brauer group and its applications. Translations of mathematical monographs; 246. Providence, Rhode Island: American Mathematical Society.

QA319 .I58 2016

International Conference on p-adic Functional Analysis, Alain Escassut, C. Perez-Garcia, and Khodr Shamseddine. 2018. Advances in ultrametric analysis: 14th International Conference, p-adic functional analysis, June 30 - July 4, 2016, Universite d'Auvergne, Aurillac, France. Contemporary mathematics; 704. [Providence, RI]: American Mathematical Society. Also Digital.

QA320 .B84 2018

Bühler, Theo. Functional analysis. Graduate studies in mathematics; 191. Providence, Rhode Island: American Mathematical Society.

QA564 .C8794 2018

Cutkosky, Steven Dale. 2018. Introduction to algebraic geometry. Graduate studies in mathematics; 188. Providence, Rhode Island: American Mathematical Society.

QH541 .E22 V.233

Van Oppen, Madeleine J. H. Coral bleaching: patterns, processes, causes and consequences, 2nd ed. Ecological studies; 233. Cham, Switzerland: Springer.

QK494.5 .A7 C64 2016

Coffey, Jane C. 2016. Three degrees of latitude: a curious guide to the natural history of the pehuEn. [United States]: Hypanthium Press.

QL692 .A356 P43 2016

Peacock, Faansie. 2016. Chamberlain's waders. [Pretoria]: Pavo Publishing.

TA19 .W56 2018 PopSci

Winchester, Simon. 2018. The perfectionists: how precision engineers created the modern world. New York: Harper, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers.

Z731 .A47 ED.62 2018

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