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Access: Our license agreement is for 3 simultaneous users so please remember to logoff.  Both SUNet authentication and a special user name and password are required.  All information needed to login is available at Green Pocketbook at Stanford.

Description: “Green Pocketbook” by ViridisChem, Inc. is a powerful research tool that offers comprehensive chemical and toxicological information of over 90 million chemicals and visually shows toxicity impact of the chemical on health, safety, and environment.  

Due to critical global warming issues, companies worldwide from most industries are looking to reduce toxicity in their products and making efforts to adopt sustainable product development practices. Green Pocketbook is specifically meant for chemists, engineers, and medical professionals who do not have training to evaluate toxicological data, but must understand its implications to make sustainable decisions.

Key Features:
•    Toxicity evaluations shown through easy-to-understand visual charts
•    Over 45 physical- toxicological properties, GHS, NFPA classifications
•    Toxicity scores (ecological, health and safety), based on 54 different end-points, as recommended by United Nations, EPA and REACH guidelines
•    Ability to measure and toxicity profile of new molecules (using QSAR models)
•    Ability to select less toxic chemical based on application-specific requirements for reagent/solvent (specific functional group, chemical category, property thresholds, etc.)
•    Identification of regulatory issues based on US and international regulations
•    Ability to compare of up to 5 chemicals (scores laid on top of each other for easy comparison)
•    Build-in auto-curation of data utilizing machine-learning algorithms

Technical requirements: reen Pocketbook is a SaaS application available through web browsers. This means that it can be accessed through most web-enabled devices (screen size > 8” is recommended), simply by clicking on Green Pocketbook at Stanford.

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Feedback:  Because this is a relatively new product, please provide feedback or suggestions via web page or by email at If you get a busy signal often (all three logins are already in use), please send email to Grace Baysinger at