About Reaxys

"Reaxys is an online research solution designed to provide scientists with the shortest path from chemistry question to answers.  Reaxys retrieves precise and accurate property, reaction and synthesis data about substances from a collection of peer-reviewed literature, patents and substance databases. It is easy to navigate between types of results and to apply filters to focus in on particular aspects of a result set.

In addition, Reaxys can be used as a bibliographic research solution for chemistry and related sciences. The precise answers on substances, properties, reactions, etc. always include links to the source material so users have the option of looking at the full text of the relevant literature. Searches for authors, journal titles, publication years, etc. are also possible.

Reaxys accepts keyword- and structure-based queries as well as combinations of the two. Queries can be as simple as a substance name, structure or identifier (e.g., a CAS number), a reaction type, an author name or a property description (e.g., adsorption, melting point or refractive index of a substance). It's also easy to build more complex queries to look for very precise information (e.g., only the 3-ring members of a class of organic molecules)." -- publisher's description