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Course number Term Guide Instructor
PWR 1JS Spring 2015 Beyond DNA: The Omics Revolution Stonaker, J.
PWR 1RC Fall 2019 Domestication: How Humans Shape the Natural World Carpenter, R.
UAR 43 Summer/Fall 2019 Leland Scholars Program
PWR 2JS Fall 2014 Eureka!: The Rhetoric of the Scientist Stonaker, Jennifer
BIO 46 Winter 2017 Introduction to research in ecology and evolutionary biology Jessica Coyle
BIO 2N Spring 2017 Ecology and evolution of infectious disease in a changing world Erin Mordecai
BIO 199W Winter 2020 Senior Honors Thesis: How to Effectively Write about Scientific Research Jamie Imam
CHEM 132 Winter Quarter 2018 Organic Chemistry Laboratory Brennan, M. K.
CHEM 24N Spring 2015 CHEM 24N: Nutrition and history Huestis, W.
CHEM 137 Spring 2017 CHEM 137: Special topics in organic chemistry Trost, B.
CHEM 181 (CHEMENG 181, CHEMENG 281) Fall 2018 Biochemistry Cegelski, L.
MATSCI-81N Fall MATSCI 81N: Bioengineering materials to heal the body Heilshorn, S.
CHEMENG 25E / ENG 25E Winter 2019 CHEMENG 25E: Energy: Chemical transformations for production, storage, and use Jaramillo, T. F.
CHEMENG 170 Fall 2017 CHEMENG 170: Kinetics and reactor design Bent, S.
CHEMENG 80Q Spring 2017 CHEMENG 80Q: Art, Chemistry, and Madness: The Science of Art Materials Frank, C. & Loesch-Frank, S.

Topic guides

Grants and funding for science & engineering Aquatic studiesBiologyChemistryEarth sciencesEngineeringEnvironmental studiesMathematics and statisticsPhysics and astronomy
Women in science BiologyChemistryEarth sciencesEngineeringMathematics and statisticsPhysics and astronomy
General biology Biology
Biodiversity BiologyEarth sciencesClimate and weatherGlobal ecology
Cell biology BiologyGeneticsMolecular and cellular biologyBiochemistryBioengineeringMedicine and health
Developmental biology BiologyDevelopmental biologyMedicine and health
Ecology Agriculture, forestry, and wildlifeBiologyToxicology and chemical safetyEarth sciencesEnvironmental studies
Wetlands and aquatic environments Aquatic studiesMarine biologyBiologyEnvironmental studies
Sleep science BiologyNeuroscience
Population biology BiologyPopulation studies (Biology)
Nucleic acid analysis BiologyGeneticsMolecular and cellular biology
Neurobiology BiologyNeuroscienceMedicine and healthNeuroscience (psychology)
Microbiology BiologyMolecular and cellular biologyMedicine and health
Evolutionary biology BiologyGeneticsPopulation studies (Biology)
Insect biology Agriculture, forestry, and wildlifeBiologyGlobal ecology
Genetics and genomics BiologyDevelopmental biologyGeneticsMolecular and cellular biologyPopulation studies (Biology)
CHEM-H undergraduate scholars BiologyChemistryChemical engineeringMedicine and health
Mobile apps for biology Biology
Methods and protocols BiologyChemistry
Natural products BiologyChemistryChemical engineering
Valentine's Day resources for science lovers BiologyChemistry
Preprints BiologyChemistryEarth sciencesPhysics and astronomy
Nano ChemistryNanoscience and nanotechnologyChemical engineeringMaterials science and engineering
Patents ChemistryEngineering
Career resources for chemists and chemical engineers ChemistryChemical engineering
Inorganic chemistry ChemistryInorganic chemistry
Organic chemistry ChemistryOrganic chemistry
Physical chemistry ChemistryPhysical chemistry
Physical properties for chemists and chemical engineers ChemistryChemical engineering
Polymer science and engineering ChemistryPolymer science and engineeringChemical engineering
Science and technology news ChemistryChemical engineering
Mobile apps for chemists and chemical engineers ChemistryChemical engineering
Analytical chemistry ChemistryAnalytical chemistry
Lab safety Toxicology and chemical safetyChemistryChemical engineering
Medicinal and biological chemistry ChemistryBiochemistry
Chemistry resources for students Chemistry
Mass spectrometry ChemistryAnalytical chemistry
Sci-tech: Public outreach ChemistryChemical engineering
Sci-tech: Ethics, IP, and data ChemistryChemical engineering
Sci-tech: Grammar and style ChemistryChemical engineering
Sci-tech: Scholarly publishing ChemistryChemical engineering
Sci-tech: Written communication ChemistryChemical engineering
Sci-tech: Visual communication ChemistryChemical engineering
Sci-tech: Oral presentations ChemistryChemical engineering
Sci-tech: Multimedia presentations ChemistryChemical engineering
Sci-tech: Communication ChemistryChemical engineering
Chemistry & chemical engineering (general) ChemistryChemical engineering
Catalysis ChemistryChemical engineering
Keep current with journal literature ChemistryChemical engineering
Find journals : Info for chemists and chemical engineers ChemistryChemical engineering
CAS Group Chemistry
Guide for new users of the Science Library ChemistryChemical engineering
Chemical demonstrations Chemistry
Computer science Computer science
Software help for engineers Computers and computingComputer scienceSoftwareEngineeringMathematics and statistics
Mathematics and statistics Mathematics and statistics
Mathematics education Mathematics and statisticsEducation
Statistical analysis resources EngineeringMathematics and statistics
Mobile apps for mathematics and statistics Mathematics and statistics
Chemical engineering Chemical engineering
Chemical engineering resources for students Chemical engineering