After-hours access

Eligible users

After-hours access is an individual privilege granted to users who have a demonstrated need for around-the-clock access to the Science Library’s collection in order to support their teaching and research needs. A tour is required before after-hours access is activated.  

These user groups are eligible for after-hours access:

  • All Stanford University faculty.
  • All graduate students and postdocs in the departments of Biology, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, and Applied Physics.
  • Graduate students and postdocs from other Stanford departments who have a letter of support from their faculty advisor. Faculty should send the letter of support to Science Library.
  • Selected research, academic, and administrative staff may be eligible for after-hours access to the Science Library. Please contact Science Library.

The after-hours access privilege cannot be shared or transferred, and it must not be used to let others into the library.

Policies and procedures

Users who have after-hours access to the Science Library must abide by these rules. Violators may lose after-hours access.

  • Attending a Science Library orientation tour:
    • An orientation tour is required before after-hours access is activated.
    • You must present an active Stanford ID, have an email address in the library's circulation system, and complete an application form.
  • Entering the library when it is closed:
    • At closing, all users must exit the library and re-enter using their Stanford ID card.
    • Access is an individual privilege and cannot be shared with others. Do not open the door for anyone or allow anyone to enter with you.
    • All users must be prepared to show their Stanford ID card.
  • Using the library when it is closed:
    • Be sure to check out each item before removing it from the library.
    • The reserve collection is not available when the library is closed.
    • Only public computers may be used. Do not use staff computers.
    • No eating or drinking in the library (bottled water is okay).
    • Do not enter staff areas.
  • Leaving the library:
    • Please make sure that the library door is closed and locked.
    • The door should not be propped open for any reason.
  • After-hours access is discontinued:
    • If you leave Stanford or are not currently registered.
    • If library borrowing privileges are blocked contact Science Library.
    • If privilege is misused by loaning an ID card to others or letting others into the library.
    • If a user is eating or drinking in the library (bottled water is okay).
  • Reporting problems:
    • If the door does not open as expected, please call (650) 723-2281.
    • Please report any suspicious or unsafe behavior or other problems to the Stanford Department of Public Safety; call 9-911 (from campus phone) or 911 (from cell phone).