The Barchas Collection at Stanford University: A Catalogue of the Samuel I. and Cecile M. Barchas Collection in the History of Science and Ideas. Stanford: Stanford University Libraries, 1999. 

This catalog describes the 2,200 titles deemed rare or valuable of The Barchas Collection in the History of Science and Ideas, a distinguished collection at Stanford University. This collection, assembled by Sam and Cecile Barchas over many years, is especially strong in medicine, geology, astronomy, and general natural history. The catalog, designed by Peter Koch and containing 64 high-resolution reproductions of title pages and illustrations from the collection, is a handsome example of classic book design. It will be a valuable resource for historians of science and medicine, bibliographers, book collectors, and others concerned with the documentation of scientific ideas.


A Catalogue of the John Steinbeck Collection at Stanford University. Compiled by Susan F. Riggs. With an Introduction by Jackson J. Benson. Stanford University Libraries, Stanford, California, 1980.

An extensive item-by-item catalog of Steinbeck letters, manuscripts, books, and other publications, and of other items in the John Steinbeck Collection, 1902-1979, one of three Steinbeck collections in the Department of Special Collections and University Archives at Stanford. In his introduction, Jackson Benson writes “The Steinbeck Collection at Stanford is one of the best collections of materials related to the life and work of an important modern author to reside in any library.”

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$15.00 (hardback)

The Ernest Hemingway Collection of Charles D. Field. Prepared by Bonnie D. Cherrin. Stanford University Libraries, Stanford, California, 1985.

Presents the Field Hemingway collection in four parts: Writings by Hemingway; Writings about Hemingway; Correspondence and Manuscripts; Miscellaneous. Charles D. Field collected Hemingway material over almost twenty-five years. He “had a partner in this enterprise, the distinguished San Francisco bookseller, Warren R. Howell. The Field Collection is a fine example of the way in which the close collaboration between collector and bookseller can result in an important library.” (From the introduction.)

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Research Guide to the Records of MALDEF (Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund) and PRLDEF (Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund). Edited and compiled by Theresa Mesa Casey and Pedro Hern?ndez, 1996.

Jointly created by the Department of Special Collections of the Stanford University Libraries and El Centro de Estudios Puertorriqueños of the Hunter College campus of the City University of New York, this guide details the MALDEF and PRLDEF collections held at Stanford and Hunter College, respectively, and is a primary resource for researchers studying Chicano/Latino civil rights movements and their legal strategies. This guide resulted from a two-year grant project funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities.


Sunset Magazine : A Century of Western Living, 1898-1998. Stanford: Stanford University Libraries, 1998.

This 304-page publication provides an in-depth view of Sunset over its century of publication and feature essays on the magazine's history and impact by Drs. Kevin Starr, California State Librarian, and Tomas Jaehn, Curator for American and British History. With over 250 illustrations, the book stresses the historical connection between Sunset and Stanford and includes retrospective essays by Stanford alumni L.W. "Bill" Lane. Jr. and Melvin B. Lane, Sunset's longtime owner/publishers. The bibliography, compiled by Libraries staff, includes topical listings of over 9,000 articles, a chronology of over 900 Sunset books, and an author-subject index.


A Vast and Useful Art: The Gustave Gimon Collection on French Political Economy. Edited by Mary Jane Parrine. Stanford: Stanford University Libraries, 2004. 

The Gustave Gimon Collection at the Stanford University Libraries illustrates the interplay between economics and politics with works spanning the preindustrial era between 1515 and ca. 1860. Its books and manuscripts, primarily written in French, offer a comparative worldwide perspective that spans various ideological viewpoints. The works in the collection range from theoretical treatises to practical handbooks focusing on political economy but also the broader spheres of religion, utopian speculation, and notions of sovereignty.

This volume is an invaluable resource for scholars of French political economy and culture, and is organized into four sections: Part 1, or "Scholars' Perspectives" includes seven essays by experts in the field; Part 2, "Highlights" includes brief essays on selected elements of the collection; Part 3, is the Collection Bibliography; and Part 4 contains additional information such as the reference bibliography, lists of illustrations, indexes, etc. This elegant book is hardbound, 280 pages, and was designed by Peter Rutledge Koch of Berkeley, California, and printed in Canada.