Exhibit catalogs

 Five Contemporary Presses The Art of the Book in California: Five Contemporary Presses 

Edited by Peter Rutledge Koch
Published by the Stanford University Libraries on the occasion of the exhibition: The Art of the Book in California: Five Contemporary Presses at the Iris & B. Gerald Cantor Center for Visual Arts at Stanford University (2011).

The works that comprise the exhibition are from Ninja Press, Moving Parts Press, Turkey Press, Foolscap Press, and Editions Koch. In addition to the exhibition checklist and an extensive color plate section, the catalogue contains three contributions by Robert Bringhurst: an erudite essay entitled “What the Ink Sings to the Paper,” a “Chronology of Fine Printing in California” that limns his essay, and a remarkably useful bibliography for further reading. 132 pages; 9 x 8 inches.

 the Making of Modern Science

The Barchas Collection : the Making of Modern Science. By Henry Lowood, 1985.

Contains detailed descriptions of more than eighty rare and important volumes from the Barchas Collection in the History of Science. The catalogue is based on an exhibition in the Stanford University Libraries and includes major works by such scientists as Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo, Newton, Linnaeus, Darwin, Lyell, Maxwell, Planck, Einstein and others. The Barchas Collection is a major collection in the history of science, with more than 5,000 volumes tracing the origins and development of modern science and medicine.


Celebrating Mexico:
The Grito de Dolores and the Mexican Revolution 1810 | 1910 | 2010.
Forewords by Charles Faulhaber and Roberto Trujillo; essays by Ivonne del Valle, Margaret Chowning, and Jorge Ruffinelli, 2010.

Bilingual catalogue of concurrent exhibitions at Stanford and UC-Berkeley, jointly published by the Stanford University Libraries and The Bancroft Library. Includes three scholarly essays by Stanford and UC faculty, and complete checklists of both exhibitions. Eighty-six full-color and duotone images illustrate aspects of Mexican Independence and significant events of the Revolution, accompanied by descriptive text. Eighty pages, four-color plus duotone, 9 x 12 inches; sewn binding with drawn-on paper cover and gate-fold flaps.


Charles Dickens and Show Biz

Charles Dickens & Show Biz
By Ralph J. Crawford, Jr. and Bruce J. Crawford.
Stanford: Stanford University Libraries, 2006.
80 pages, sewn.

Catalogue of the exhibition exploring the connections between 19th-century author Charles Dickens and the entertainment industry and featuring rare editions of dramatic works by Dickens and his contemporaries, letters, vintage playbills, movie memorabilia, and other artifacts. Complete exhibition text and labels, generously illustrated in duotone with some images in full color.


Contemporary Polish Book Art 
Edited by Alicja Slowikowska, Hanna Kocanda Kolodoziejczyk. Warsaw : Polish Artists Union, 1997. 

This catalog of a 1997 Warsaw exhibition, selections from which were exhibited by the Stanford University Libraries in the Fall of 1997, is written in English, with photographic illustrations in color.


Cultural Landscapes: Gilbert White & the Natural History of Selborne. By W.B. Carnochan & Elizabeth Heckendorn Cook. Stanford: Stanford University Libraries, 1989.

This catalog, marking the bicentennial of country vicar Gilbert White's Natural History, describes how this amateur naturalist's lavish, loving description of his own backyard in Hampshire became one of England's most treasured classics.


Edward Gordon Craig and the Theater of the Imagination. By Thomas Price, 1985.

This catalogue, based on an exhibition from the library of Norman Philbrick, chronicles the career of Craig, the architect of modern set design for the theatre. His major ideas concerning conception of drama and his innovative stage designs are highlighted. Richly illustrated with descriptions of previously unpublished documents and artwork.


Experiments in Navigation: The Art of Charles Hobson

Stanford: Stanford University Libraries, 2008. Text by Charles Hobson. Preface by May Castleberry. 
Foreword by Roberto Trujillo. 64 pages, four-color throughout, die-cut soft cover, sewn.

Catalogue published in conjunction with the joint exhibitions at Green Library and the Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Center for Visual Arts. Nine of Charles Hobson's artist's books are the focus of the book, which also includes a checklist of Hobson's book works to date and a chronology of his development as an artist. Hobson's narrative texts describe how he conceived, researched, and developed the ideas, artwork, and physical structure for each of the featured books. The text is generously illustrated with images from the archive, production photographs, and photographs of the finished books.


Felipe Ehrenberg: A Neologist's Art & Archive
By D. Vanessa Kam. Stanford: Stanford University Libraries, 2003.

Best known as a pioneer of experimental art, Felipe Ehrenberg (b. 1943, Mexico City) was a member of the conceptual artists' group Fluxus and the Mexican group movement of the 1970s and 1980s. In 1968, he co-founded the Beau Geste Press (also known as Libro Acción Libre) in England. Over the past two decades, Ehrenberg has been a proponent of self-publishing and a creator of visceral installations, performance art pieces, and artists' books. This 32-page catalog, published in conjunction with the exhibition (Green Library, Peterson Gallery, November 19, 2003-March 15, 2004), includes color reproductions of Ehrenberg's works and an essay by contemporary Latin American art specialist D. Vanessa Kam.


First Drafts, Last Drafts : 
Forty Years of the Creative Writing Program at Stanford
By William McPheron. Stanford: Stanford University Libraries, 1989.

A catalogue of an exhibit of short stories, novels, and poetry of twenty writers who are linked both by their importance to contemporary American letters and by their association with Stanford's Creative Writing Program.


For Instruction and Research : A Century of Library Collections at Stanford. Edited by Edith B. Gelles. Stanford: Stanford University Libraries, 1991.

Produced in conjunction with an exhibit documenting 100 years of building the Library's collections as part of the University's Centennial celebrations, this catalogue documents four periods of the history of the University through which to view the changing shape and nature of the Library's collections.

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Hand Bookbinding Today: An International Competition & Exhibition in Memory of Leah Wollenberg. Sponsored by The Associates of the Stanford University Libraries and the Stanford University Libraries, 1992.

A catalogue of an exhibition hosted by the Associates of the Stanford University Libraries and the Stanford University Libraries in Spring 1992. It is 96 pages long, and includes photographs and descriptions of all bindings included in the exhibition. With translucent, paste paper pattern cover, and spiral binding. Introductory essay by Joanne Sonnichsen. Photographs by Leo Holub.


Herbert Matter: Modernist Photography and Graphic Design. By Jeffrey Head. Stanford: Stanford University Libraries, 2005. 40 pages.

An exhibition catalogue celebrating the career of Swiss-born Herbert Matter, known for his international contributions to photography, photomontage, and graphic design since the 1930s. The Stanford University Libraries acquired Matter's archive in 2004, and this publication includes many color-illustrations and photographs reproduced in duotone, representing but a sampling of Matter's vanguard and prolific career.


In Folio: Rare Volumes in the Stanford University Libraries. Catalogue of an Exhibition. By John E. Mustain; foreword by Stephen Orgel. Stanford: Stanford University Libraries, 2004. 96 pages.

Catalogue of an exhibition, featuring thirty-one folio volumes from the Stanford Libraries’ Department of Special Collections. Ninety-six pages set in Janson, with full-page description of each book, generously illustrated and printed on Mohawk Superfine text.


Ira Nowinski: The Photographer As Witness. Text by Zachary M. Baker; introductory essays by John Felstiner and Anita Friedman. Stanford: Stanford University Libraries, 2004. 64 pages.

This exhibition catalogue documents three disparate series of works by the San Francisco-based photographer: In Fitting Memory: The Art and Politics of Holocaust Memorials; Karaite Jews in Egypt, Israel, and the San Francisco Bay Area; and Soviet Jews in San Francisco. Illustrated with thirty-two duotone prints. Designed by Elizabeth Fischbach and printed by The Stinehour Press in Lunenburg, Vermont.


Johannes Lebek: The Artist As a Witness of His Time
Text by Ronald Salter. Stanford University Libraries, 2002.

Exhibition catalogue featuring the work and chronicling the career of German master of the woodcut Johannes Lebek (1901–1985). Text by Ronald Salter, Professor of German Literature and Art at Tufts University. The book includes a set of four previously unpublished woodcuts from the cycle Tagzeiten (Times of Day) printed by letterpress. Acid-free paper and sewn binding. Generously illustrated and exquisitely printed in rich black ink by the Stinehour Press in Vermont.


John Steinbeck: From Salinas to Stockholm.
by William McPheron, 2000.

John Steinbeck: From Salinas to Stockholm is the exhibition catalog that marked the gift to Stanford University of the Wells Fargo Steinbeck Collection. The exhibit and the collection featured private letters to family and friends by California's only Nobel laureate in literature, personally inscribed books and family photographs from Steinbeck that span more than 100 years of Steinbeck family history. The exhibit and the catalog draw on all of the Stanford Libraries' holdings on Steinbeck to trace Steinbeck's development from a shy, withdrawn dreamer in the small town of Salinas to a dignified representative of world literature in Stocklholm. The exhibit catalog is authored by william McPheron, the William Saroyan Curator for American and British Literature at Stanford.


José Guadalupe Posada and the Taller de Gráfica Popular: Mexican Popular Prints
Stanford University Libraries, 2002.

Illustrated catalogue of the exhibition at the Peterson Gallery, Green Library at Stanford. Foreword by Roberto Trujillo, Head of Special Collections; Essay by exhibition curators D. Vanessa Kam and Adán Griego; checklist of Stanford's Posada and TGP holdings; and finely reproduced images of a selection of Posada's broadsheets, chapbook illustrations, and calaveras, and TGP's posters and prints. Designed and printed letterpress in a hand-bound edition of 300 copies at the studio of Peter Koch Printers in Berkeley, California. Hand-sewn, on acid-free paper.



image of cover of Golden catalogue

Joseph Goldyne: Catalogue Raisonné of Books, Portfolios, and Calligraphic Sheets

Catalogue published in conjunction with the exhibition of Goldyne's work on display in Stanford's Green Library
September 14, 2015 through January 31, 2016.

412 pages. 10.25 x 12.25 inches. Full color plates throughout. Case bound, sewn binding.

Introduction by Peter Rutledge Koch, essay by Robert Bringhurst and contributions by Kay Bradner,
Robert Townsend, and Thomas Ingmire.Published by the Stanford University Libraries, 2014.


Image of cover of "Leonardo's Library"


Leonardo’s Library: The World of a Renaissance Reader

Catalogue of the exhibition in Stanford’s Green Library commemorating the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci’s death, May 2 – October 13, 2019. Essays by Paula Findlen, Carlo Vecce, J. G. Amato, Alexandria R. Tsagaris, and Veronica S.-R. Shi. Foreword by Paolo Galluzzi. Preface by John E. Mustain. Descriptive entries for each of the fifty-five books and manuscripts in the exhibition.  

208 pages. 9 x 12 inches. 87 color images. Soft cover with sewn binding.

Designed and produced by Wilsted & Taylor Publishing Services.

Published by the Stanford Libraries, 2019, with significant support provided by the Suppes Endowment in the History of Science, Patrick Suppes Center for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology, Stanford University.



Leigh Ortenburger in the Thin, Cold Air 
Stanford: Stanford University Libraries, 2008.

Companion publication to the exhibit "All of this I have seen: Leigh Ortenburger, Mountaineer & Photographer," which focuses on Ortenburger's black-and-white photographs of the Cordillera Blanca range in Peru. In addition to fifteen photographs reproduced in tritone, includes tributes by Carolyn Ortenburger, Steve Roper, Nick Clinch, Renny Jackson, and Glen Denny. Photography edited by Glen Denny. Designed by John Rawlings . Twenty pages, 8 x 10 in.

Removable 62" x 9-3/16" panoramic view of the Cordillera Blanca.

Tributes by Carolyn Ortenburger, Steve Roper, Nick Clinch, Renny Jackson, and Glen Denny. Photography edited by Glen Denny. Designed by John Rawlings.


Mary Webb: Neglected Genius

An illustrated catalog published to accompany exhibitions at the Grolier Club and the Stanford University Libraries. By Mary Crawford and Bruce Crawford. Two hardcover volumes in slipcase.

Volume One: 214 pages, illustrated. The catalogue includes introductory essays about the life and work of the Shropshire novelist and poet, Mary Webb (1881-1927), as well as synopses of her novels and an annotated checklist of the works in the Crawford Webb collection. Webb's work is explored in depth through over 180 items, many of which are Webb's original manuscripts and typescripts. Dr. Gladys Mary Coles, Webb's biographer and author of The Flower of Light,contributes the foreword, and an essay, Mary Webb--A Modern Writer.

Volume Two: Included as a second volume is a special edition of Webb's hitherto unpublished juvenile work Clematisa & Percival, printed letterpress on imported mould-made paper, with six full color tip-ins of artwork by William Bishop created specially for the publication.


Matt Phillips: The Magic In His Prints
Stanford: Stanford University Libraries, 2001.

This exhibition catalogue celebrates the Libraries' recent acquisition of works by painter and printmaker Matt Phillips, widely recognized as a master of the monotype. The catalogue highlights the Libraries' collection of monotypes, drypoints, etchings, and lithographs, as well as artists' books and sketchbooks by Phillips dating from the 1950s through the present. Designed by fine press printer and typographer Peter Koch. With 8 color and 8 black-and-white illustrations, a preface by Roberto Trujillo, co-curator and Head, Special Collections, and an essay by D. Vanessa Kam, co-curator and Exhibits and Publications Manager, Special Collections.


Of Many Generations: Judaica and Hebraica from the Taube/Baron Collection.

By David L. Langenberg. Stanford: Stanford University Libraries, 1989.

A catalogue of an exhibition of early and rare Hebraica and Judaica from the Taube/Baron Collection of Jewish History and Culture at Stanford University Libraries. The collection, acquired from Professor Salo W. Baron, documents aspects of Jewish life from its beginning to the present time.


Book cover showing Dürer's constructed roman alphabet

Monuments of Printing: Gutenberg through the Book Arts Revival

An illustrated, descriptive catalogue of selected works in the rare book collections of the Stanford University Libraries.By John Mustain. Foreword by Robert Bringhurst.

120 pages. 8 x 10.5 inches. 92 illustrations, 38 in color and 54 in duotone, printed on Mohawk Superfine. Sewn binding. Jacket features lettering designs by Albrecht Dürer printed letterpress on St. Armand handmade rag paper. Designed by Elizabeth Fischbach.

From the foreword:

“The seventy-two books and isolated leaves described and pictured in this catalogue cover the five centuries from Gutenberg to the Grabhorns, but their texts reach back to Plato and Isaiah. They represent a good and quick historical survey of the central role played by the printed book in Western civilization.”

Published by the Stanford University Libraries, 2013. 



Movements for Change book cover

Movements for Change: The Bob Fitch Photography Archive at Stanford

Catalogue of the exhibition on display in Stanford's Green Library September 30, 2014 through February 21, 2015, celebrating the acquisition of the Fitch archive for the Stanford University Libraries' research collections. The exhibition and catalogue feature both iconic and lesser-known photographs of key people and moments in the U.S. civil rights movement, farm worker organizing, and the peace movement of the 1960s and 1970s by activist photographer Bob Fitch.

80 pages. 8.5 x 11 inches. 65 photographs printed in duotone. Sewn binding.

Text by Bob Fitch, Ben Stone, and Roberto Trujillo. Excerpts from an oral history interview with Bob Fitch by Leslie G. Kelen.

Published by the Stanford University Libraries, 2014.


image of 3-volume Peter Koch Printer exhibit catalogue

Peter Koch Printer: A Descriptive Bibliography [1974–2016]

An illustrated catalogue published in three volumes on the occasion of the exhibition Peter Koch Printer: A Forty-year Retrospective. Full color; 9 x 12 inches; 496 pages total. Housed in paper box. 

volume 1: Peter Koch Printer: Embodied Language and the Form of the Book: A Descriptive Bibliography [1974–2016]. Critical essays byMark Dimunation and Timothy D. Murray, and an interview with Peter Rutledge Koch by Roberto G. Trujillo. Descriptive Bibliography by Nina M. Schneider.

volume 2: Hard Words: Memory and Death in the Wild WestHard Words documents Koch’s “Western Suite,” which consists of three portfolio editions, two books, and two installation/exhibitions dedicated to themes of exploration and the subsequent destruction of the American West. The two volumes, Liber Ignis and The Lost Journals of Sacajewea, are fully illustrated in facsimile. Two exhibition portfolios, Hard Words and Nature Morte, are also presented in their entirety. The editions and commentaries are accompanied by a lengthy critical essay by novelist and scholar Aaron Parrett.

volume 3: Against Design: an Interview with Peter Rutledge Koch. Introduction by Russell Maret and interview with Peter Koch by Monique Comacchio and Camden Richards. This volume focuses on the typographic design and letter­press printing that has issued from the Koch studios for more than four decades. Graphic designers and educators Comacchio and Richards interview Koch about his printing practice and thoughts on typography and design. The result is an exploration of ideas related to material literacy and the art of printing as a philosophical practice. Against Design is generously illustrated with examples of Koch’s bibliophilic, typographic, and cowboy surrealist ephemera.


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The Rediscovery of Africa 1400-1900: Antique Maps & Rare Images
By William R. Jacobson. Stanford: Stanford University Libraries, 2004.

A narrative history and catalogue for an exhibition of antique African maps and rare books including the Oscar I. Norwich collection at the Stanford University Libraries. Designed by Peter Rutledge Koch of Berkeley, California, and printed by the Stinehour Press in Lunenburg, Vermont. Lavishly illustrated with black and white and color illustrations.



Scholars, Texts, Traditions: The Influences of Classical Antiquity in Western Culture
Compiled by James M. Carolan and Robert Watson, 1984.

Catalogue of an exhibit of ninety-three books from both the Library's collections and the collecitons of Dr. R.S. Speck of San Francisco. The catalogue covers such topics as historical perspectives on the classical world, transmission and editing of classical texts, development of philology and criticism, the place of classical corpus in the schools, and the influence of the classical corpus on the development of the arts and sciences since the Middle Ages.


Sigmund Freud: An Exhibition of Original Editions, Autographed Letters, and Portraits from the Library of Haskell F. Norman. By Haskell F. Norman, M.D., Roy A. Ginsburg, M.D., and Paul A. Robinson. Stanford: Stanford University Libraries, 1991.

A catalogue of an exhibit held at Stanford University which included original editions, autographed letters and portraits. The collection is from the Library of Haskell F. Norman and encompasses four decades of collecting.


The Stanford Alpine Club: Featuring the Photography of Tom Frost, Henry Kendall and Leigh Ortenburger. By John Rawlings, 2000.

The Stanford Alpine Club is a photographic history of one of America's most prominent college climbing clubs. The club's identity was forged in the crucible of Yosemite Valley's smooth, steep granite. Members made important contributions to the development of modern Yosemite rockclimbing technique and helped carry the lessons learned to the world's great ranges.

Click here to view the online version of the Stanford Alpine Club exhibition.

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The Strength of Art: Poetry and Poets in the Lives of Yvor Winters and Janet Lewis. By Brigitte Carnochan, 1984.

A catalogue of an exhibit in the Stanford University Libraries focusing on the early work of the poets Yvor Winters and Janet Lewis during the time they spent in Chicago and New Mexico, and the circle of friends they developed. Introduction by N. Scott Momaday. Includes illustrations.


The Tanenbaum Collection book cover

The Tanenbaum Collection at the Stanford University Libraries

A catalogue of The Charles J. Tanenbaum Collection of the Eighteenth Century.

Stanford University Libraries, 2014


Things that Dream: Contemporary Calligraphic Artists' Books 
Cosas que sueñan: Libros de artistas caligráficos contemporáneos

Published in conjunction with the exhibition at the Stanford University Libraries, April 19-July 8, 2012. Bilingual English and Spanish text, generously illustrated with double-page color images from each of the sixteen one-of-a-kind books of poetry by Pablo Neruda and Federico García Lorca that are the focus of the exhibition. The books are the fruit of a five-year collaboration between poet and model Mary Julia Klimenko, artist Manuel Neri, calligrapher Thomas Ingmire, and design binder Daniel E. Kelm and fellow mechanics at the Wide Awake Garage. The text features an extensive essay by contemporary art critic Bruce NixoDesigned by John Hubbard, Eson Design. 566 pages.


To Frame a Union: A Collector's View of the Constitution and its Bicentennial. By Charles J. Tanenbaum, 1987.

Catalog of an exhibition of books, manuscripts, and pamphlets tracing the origins of the structure of government and detailing the events leading to the ratification of the American Constitution. The catalogue draws on private and institutional collections and concentrates on the period prior to the year 1787, tracing the origins of the structure of government which grew out of those famous deliberations in Philadelphia 200 years ago.


W.B. Yeats & the Irish Renaissance. By Michael Stanford, 1990.

A catalogue of an exhibit of books, manuscripts, and letters selected from the James A. Healy Collection in the Stanford University Libraries, which includes a special section devoted to previously unpublished inscriptions and poems by Yeats.


Zuancho in Kyoto: Textile Design Books for the Kimono Trade. Essay by Kenichiro Yokoya; photographs by Mikio Matsuo.

Catalogue of the exhibition of Japanese woodblock-printed books of design ideas for kimono. Generously illustrated in full color with images demonstrating the changes in surface design for kimono in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries (ca. 1890–1940), from a painterly style to a graphic approach characterized by kinetic lines, geometric shapes, and abstraction of traditional Japanese themes drawn from nature.