University awards

The University makes the following awards annually at Commencement:

The Walter J. Gores Faculty Awards for Excellence in Teaching

The Gores Award is the University’s highest award for excellence in teaching. Gores Awards are made each year to faculty and teaching staff members who have made special contributions to teaching in its broadest sense: lecturing, tutoring, advising, and discussion leading. Ordinarily, one award will be made to a senior faculty member or senior lecturer, one to a junior faculty member, and two to teaching assistants.

The Dinkelspiel Awards for Exceptional Contributions to Undergraduate Education

At least two Dinkelspiel Awards will be given to faculty or staff, one with 10 or more years of service to the University and one with fewer than 10 years of service, for their distinctive and exceptional contributions to undergraduate education or the quality of student life at Stanford. Two awards will also be given to graduating seniors in the current academic year's class who have combined praiseworthy academic achievement with significant contributions to undergraduate student life.

The Kenneth M. Cuthbertson Award for Exceptional Contributions to Stanford

The purpose of this award, which is open to all members of the Stanford community, is to recognize extraordinary contributions to the achievement of the goals of the University. Such contributions might be, for example, unusually distinguished service to the University, uncommon ingenuity in meeting University objectives, or exceptional intelligence, diligence, and sensitivity in discharging responsibilities.