Kenneth M. Cuthbertson Award

For Exceptional Service to Stanford University

The Kenneth M. Cuthbertson Award recognizes exceptional contributions of all types to Stanford University. The Award, which is open to all members of the Stanford community, is to recognize extraordinary contributions to the achievement of the goals of the University. Such contributions might be, for example, unusually distinguished service to the University, uncommon ingenuity in meeting University objectives, or exceptional intelligence, diligence, and sensitivity in discharging responsibilities. Ordinarily, one award is made each year.

2018-2019, Maggie Burgett, Project Executive, Land, Buildings and Real Estate (LBRE)

For her ability to bring projects in on time and on budget, and managing stakeholder expectations with a deft hand; and

For her wide breadth of knowledge in, and her careful management of Stanford's resources; and

For listening deeply, and for calmly and thoughtfully outlining an approach to complex challenges; and

For her devotion to Stanford, and her impact on the people and places that make Stanford special;

Maggie Burgett

2018-2019, Patricia Gumport, Vice Provost for Graduate Education and Postdoctoral Affairs and Professor of Education

For working closely and collaboratively with graduate students to enhance the graduate education experience at Stanford; and

For increasing the visibility of postdoctoral scholars and graduate students and amplifying their voices within faculty and administrative circles; and

For exhibiting the perfect combination of leading and listening; and

For her kind, giving nature, which inspires others to give of themselves;

Patricia Gumport

2017-2018, Ann Arvin, Vice Provost and Dean of Research, Professor of Microbiology and Immunology and the Lucile Salter Packard Professor of Pediatrics

For her strategic insight, sage advice and generous encouragement;

For her deep understanding of the intricacies of successful partnerships;

For bringing great diversity of experience, dedication, intellect and humor to her role at Stanford; and

For her knowledge, integrity, perseverance, dedication and compassion.

Ann Arvin

2016-2017 Jeff Wachtel, Executive Director of the Knight-Hennessy Scholars Program

For his care and concern for individuals, deep humanism and problem solving skills, and commitment to the university; 

For his distinguished service to Stanford, ingenuity in meeting university objectives, and exceptional techical and emotional intelligence; and

For his crucial contributions to Stanford's significant public service initiative, Cardinal Service.

Jeff Wachtel

2015-16 Larry Diamond, Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution and the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies, and Professor, by courtesy, of Sociology and of Political Science

For nearly two decades of enthusiastic service to alumni, including leading Stanford Travel-Study trips, presenting at Stanford+Connects and Leading Matters, offering classes at Reunion Homecoming, and delivering the 2013 Class Day Lecture;

For his visionary leadership of the Haas Center during a time of unprecedented growth, strengthening engagement and charting a bold direction for the future;

For his instrumental role in the launch of Cardinal Service, ensuring that service will be central to the Stanford student experience and a defining value in the 21st century;

For being a powerful role model for students, inspiring them to become engaged in service and public polich; and

For the breadth and depth of his impact -- helping bring about wide-ranging change at Stanford while touching the lives of so many.

Larry Diamond

2014-15 Michael Keller, Ida M. Green University Librarian, Director of Academic Information Resources, Publisher of HighWire Press, and Publisher of the Stanford University Press

For 22 years of exceptional creativity and strong leadership of the Stanford University Libraries, bringing it into the digital age and developing it into one of the premier facilities in the world;

For pioneering new paths as the Director of Academic Information Resources, while continuing to develop the library’s superb collections;

For his clear commitment to scholarly publishing, exemplified in his founding of HighWire Press and ongoing support of Stanford University Press;

For understanding the hybrid nature of today’s university research libraries, overseeing the transition to technologically state-of-the-art resources where feasible, while ensuring the availability of works unlikely to be digitized in the near future;

For his innovative and collaborative support of Academic Computing and undergraduate teaching programs; and

For keeping the university’s mission and the needs of Stanford’s faculty, graduate students and undergraduates first and foremost in mind.

Photo of Mike Keller

2013-14 Robert D. Simoni, Donald Kennedy Chair in the School of Humanities and Sciences and Professor of Biology

 For 43 years of exemplary service to Stanford, including serving as chair of the Faculty Senate, acting provost, and three terms as chair of the Biology Department, strengthening the programs and research of the largest department in the School of Humanities and Sciences;

For his boundless enthusiasm for teaching — one faculty member noted he holds the world record for teaching the biology core — to the great benefit of thousands of students, many now leading researchers and doctors;
For his efforts to increase diversity and encourage greater participation in science among underrepresented groups;
For being a generous and perceptive mentor to junior faculty; and
For his inspiring leadership, sense of humor and genuine concern for others, prompting one colleague to declare him, “Napoleon and Mother Teresa in one!”
Robert Simoni

2012-13 Larry N. Horton, senior associate vice president for government & community relations

For the breadth and scope of his service to Stanford over more than 40 years, from architecting the “Draw” for student affairs, to working with contacts in Washington to improve the student experience, to his many accomplishments in community and
government relations, including the 2000 Community Plan/General Use Permit, future development of the university’s Medical Center, the Mayfield Development Agreement and conclusion of the Trails Agreement with Santa Clara County;
For his exceptional leadership and his ability to develop close relationships and effective coalitions that have enabled the university’s success at the state and federal levels;
For being a great champion of higher education, working with the Association of American Universities and collaborating with peer institutions, to advance university research and educational goals in Washington;
For being an effective, trustworthy and fearless advisor to six Stanford presidents; and
For his complete dedication and integrity, sometimes in the most difficult circumstances, always taking the long view, always in service to Stanford
Larry Horton

2011-12 Sally Dickson, associate vice provost for student affairs

For the breadth and scope of her work over 20 years at Stanford, crossing borders to serve in academic, administrative and student affairs roles;

For her uncommon diplomacy and commitment to working with people to resolve differences, create understanding and build community;

For her pioneering effors to promote diversity among the faculty;

For her ability to work both at the forefront of programmatic efforts, as well as quietly and effectively behind the scenes; and

For her unswerving dedication to the highest ideals of intellectual excellence, diversity and service to others.

Sally Dickson

2011-12 John Pearson, director, Bechtel International Center

For 27 years of unparalleled work on behalf of the international community at Stanford;
For his compassionate and thoughtful support of virtually every corner of the university — working with visiting scholars and new faculty appointees, reaching out to international students and their families, helping undergraduates and graduate students as they consider study abroad, and advising on issues of security and risk;
For his careful management of the nomination process and mentoring of students through all stages of the Rhodes, Marshall and Fulbright scholarship competitions — with extraordinary success: Stanford students lead the nation in being selected for these prestigious awards;
For his warmth and his humor, which put people at ease and make every interaction a pleasure; and
For being “the voice of Stanford that first welcomes student s from abroad.”
John Pearson

2010-11 Valerie Kiszka, student services manager, biology

For her innovations and leadership in creating resources for students, from launching a seminar series titled PCR — Ph.D. Career Route — for doctoral students struggling with career decisions, to spearheading a proposal to secure SCORE Innovation Funds for graduate student research;
For her resourcefulness in finding ways to improve student services for both the Department of Biology and the university;
For being the "go-to resource" for both faculty and students for all things having to do with the Department of Biology; and
For serving, day-in and day-out, as a much-valued personal advocate, ally and academic support system to hundreds of graduate and undergraduate students in Biology.
Valerie Kiszka

2009-10 John Bravman, Freeman-Thornton Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education and Bing Centennial Professor of Materials Science and Engineering

For transforming the undergraduate experience at Stanford during his 11 years as Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education;
For his tireless service as ambassador to our students and their parents, visiting with them on campus and traveling hundreds of thousands of miles to meet them around the world;
For his invaluable role during the Campaign for Undergraduate Education and the Think Again outreach programs, inspiring alumni, parents, and friends to support undergraduate programs and financial aid;
For the many ways he showed students that he cared, from serving up barbecues, baked goods and DVDs to providing lightning-fast responses to their emails; and
For 35 years of working to make Stanford a better place for all.
John Bravman

2009-10 H. Craig Heller, Lorry I. Lokey/Business Wire Professor of Biology

For more than three decades of extraordinary leadership at Stanford, including serving as Chair of the Department of Biology, Director of the Program in Human Biology, Chair of the Faculty Senate and Associate Dean of Research, just to name a few of his many roles;
For being Stanford’s principal investigator in the Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s Undergraduate Science Education Program for almost 20 years, providing invaluable support to undergraduate research, curriculum, and faculty development; outreach for high school students; and summer internships for science teachers;
For being a superb teacher, perceptive advisor to the advisors and inspirational mentor to many; and
For never turning down a request for help from a student or colleague
H.Craig Heller

2008-09 Charles Junkerman, associate provost and dean of Continuing Studies, Master of Liberal Arts Program, and Summer Session

For his critical role in forging strong relationships between Stanford and the broader community in the arts and humanities;
For leading Stanford Continuing Studies for more than a decade with unfailing grace, creativity and diligence so that it is recognized nationally and internationally as a model of innovative learning;
For the unbridled joy he has brought to teaching and learning that has engaged many thousands of students from many walks of life and prompted one to describe him as just a “flat-out fabulous teacher”;
For his generous spirit, calm demeanor and consistently good humor that have left an indelible mark on all who have worked with him; and
For his many contributions in making Stanford a vibrant, intellectually engaging and public-friendly university.

2008-09 Arthur Bienenstock, special assistant to the president for federal research policy and professor at SSRL and of materials science & engineering and of applied physics

For his pathbreaking role over three decades in shaping university policy and increasing diversity in both faculty and student recruitment at Stanford;
For leading the transformation of the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory into an internationally recognized research facility that is a model of technological innovation and scientific excellence and is integral to many Stanford academic programs;
For his service on national and international panels and committees that further enhance the university’s reputation as a leader in physics, as well as institutional management;
For his staunch, vigorous and influential advocacy for openness in research; and
For his unwavering commitment to Stanford, to research and to science in national and international arenas.
Arthur Bienenstock

2007-08 Nona Chiariello, research coordinator, Jasper Ridge

For being a conscientious steward of the land and species at Jasper Ridge, an educator to students and visitors of all ages, and a respected scientific researcher;
For the uncompromising integrity and grace with which she assesses the merits of proposals and their impact on the Preserve;
For mentoring a multitude of Stanford students, both undergraduate and graduate, who have been profoundly and professionally inspired by her thoughtful support and excellent advice;
For her unfailing enthusiasm, good humor and uncanny ability to know just what others need to be successful; and
For her passionate, intellectually engaged dedication, which has contributed to Jasper Ridge’s reputation as a premier scientific field station and to Stanford’s reputation for excellence throughout the scientific community.

2006-07 Christine Griffith, associate dean, Office of Graduate Life

For 27 years of extraordinary dedication and service to the graduate student community, often going “above and beyond the call of duty” to provide an exceptional residential life experience;
For her quiet leadership and positive, “can do” attitude whatever the task, including — as one member of the Leland Stanford Junior University Marching Band wrote — going “from two-hour meetings with the Dean of Students to riding on a bus with crazy yelling musicians in colorful ugly clothes without missing a beat”;
For her grace, compassion and insight in dealing with students in crisis and students and families in mourning;
For constantly striving to improve the quality of student life at Stanford and never considering her job done; and
For her patience, diligence and uncommon diplomacy in support of generations of Stanford students — both undergraduate and graduate — representing Stanford at its best.
Christine Griffith

2005-06 Timothy R. Warner, Vice Provost for Budget and Auxiliaries Management

For nearly 30 years of wide-ranging contributions and exemplary service to Stanford, from managing the university’s budget process to overseeing its numerous auxiliary and service operations, including Athletics and Residential and Dining Enterprises;
For invaluable contributions as the university’s chief budget officer, developing an annual Budget Plan book that is the envy of universities nationwide and helping to ensure the university’s fiscal health year after year;
For his remarkable ability to maintain focus on the big picture and effectively advance the university’s teaching and research mission;
For his patient diplomacy and extraordinary ability to work with a broad range of personalities — from trustees, presidents and provosts to staff, faculty, students and systems gurus;
For serving as a mentor and inspiration to many; and
For his quiet style, strong ethics and intense loyalty to Stanford and its mission.
Timothy R. Warner

2004-05 Lois Wagner, Director, University Events/Lively Arts

For more than 20 years of distinguished service to Stanford in public events;

For dedicated leadership as Executive Director of Pubic Events, overseeing an extraordinary number and range of events — from Commencement ceremonies to university presidential inaugurations to performances by hundreds of artists;

For making Stanford Lively Arts a leader in arts presentation, engaging the campus and community with premiere performances and master classes in music, dance, and theater;

For orchestrating the visits of Presidents and Prime Ministers, Kings and Queens, Emperors and Empresses with equanimity and grace; and

For being the wizard behind the curtain of Stanford Events.

Lois Wagner

2003-04 Carolyn Manning, Vice President of the Stanford Alumni Association

For 24 years of wise counsel and deep devotion to Stanford University and to the Alumni Association;
For her extraordinary skills in planning some of Stanford’s most important events, including the University’s Centennial celebrations, four international alumni centennial conferences, and the inauguration of Stanford’s 10th President, John L. Hennessy;
For her diplomacy, vision and hard work during the integration of the Alumni Association into the University;
For tireless efforts on behalf of all alumni and her recognition of the importance of Stanford’s diversity through her role in creating minority alumni programs;
For representing Stanford with grace and calm on campus and throughout the country and the world.
Carolyn Manning

2002-03 Margaret J. Kimball, University Archivist, Stanford Libraries

For 20 years of passionate and tireless work to preserve and promote the university’s library and archival resources;
For facilitating Stanford’s future by cherishing its history and interpreting its past; 
For energetically embracing and enthusiastically executing countless special assignments and projects;
For creating a comfortable and caring environment in which to mentor her advisees’ personal development and inspire their achievement of academic excellence; 
For the warmth and wit, sensitivity and integrity, approachability and responsiveness provided so bountifully to students, faculty, staff, and alumni.
Margaret J. Kimball

2002-03 Charles H. Kruger, Vice Provost and Dean of Research and Graduate Policy, and Professor of Mechanical Engineering

For 40 years of exemplary service to Stanford as member of the faculty, teacher, mentor, Chair of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Senior Associate Dean in the School of Engineering, and Vice Provost and Dean for Research and Graduate Policy;
For his leadership in expanding the frontiers of knowledge; 
For his steady hand in unsteady times;
For his stewardship of sponsored research and technology licensing;
For his willingness to hear all viewpoints but to see what is best for Stanford;
For his quiet authority that commands respect from all who work with him.
Charles H. Kruger

2001-02 Carole Buffum, Executive Director of Finance and Administration, School of Medicine

For bringing an extraordinary mix of creativity and rationality to the complex problems facing today’s Medical School;
For exhibiting a keen mind and calm demeanor in the face of the most challenging financial or management questions;
For balancing an unswerving loyalty to the School’s academic mission with a profound concern for all of her colleagues;
For her willingness to listen to all sides of an issue to ensure that all concerns have been heard;
For demonstrating a high degree of integrity and forthrightness that is matched only by her depth of knowledge.
Carole Buffum

2001-02 Dick Gould, Head Coach, Men’s Tennis

For 36 years of unparalleled success in the history of collegiate athletics and exemplary service to the Stanford community;
For serving as a compassionate and inspirational mentor to thousands of students, staff, fellow coaches, and university colleagues;
For his sustained efforts working with the community, most notably for his role in developing the East Palo Alto Tennis and Tutoring Program;
For his dedication and vision, which led to the construction of the Taube Tennis Stadium.

2000-01 Margaret Ann Fidler, Associate Vice Provost for Administration, Office of the Vice Provost for Student Affairs

For thirty years of committed service to Stanford University and its mission, to the student affairs division, and to the students it serves;
For serving as a role model, discharging her administrative duties with extraordinary integrity, professionalism, skill, respect for others, and always with an institutional perspective;
For investing in the university’s commitment to families through her early and highly effective support of childcare;
For contributing to the university as a whole by chairing the University Management Group, helping define the mission of this now indispensable group;
For being the quintessential team player, patiently, calmly, and kindly mentoring countless members of the Stanford staff and, with characteristic modesty, ensuring that all share in the pride and praise of jobs well done.
Margaret Ann Fidler

2000-01 John Ford, Vice President for Development, Office of Development

For 24 years of dedicated service to Stanford and to its academic mission;
For being a trusted advisor to three Stanford presidents and for carrying out his duties as vice president for development with the same clear vision, leadership, and high ethical standards as his mentor, Kenneth M. Cuthbertson;
For extraordinary leadership in setting and achieving sustained, record-setting fundraising goals that are acutely sensitive to the University’s academic priorities;
For his contagious enthusiasm, which has encouraged faculty and administrators and has inspired volunteers and staff to go the extra mile on behalf of Stanford;
For always thinking “big” and, through his commitment to the university, helping to make Stanford’s dreams come true.
John Ford

1999-00 Perry Everett, Financial Manager and Controller, School of Medicine

For helping to define the high standards of the School of Medicine and the university through 23 years of exceptional service;
For patiently teaching colleagues the intricacies of the university’s financial practices and policies, demonstrating exceptional knowledge, resourcefulness and skill, as well as creative
problem-solving abilities; and 
For being an accessible friend with an open-door policy for all department managers, helping them develop financial strategies to meet their objectives and, thus, better provide quality service.
Perry Everett

1999-00 Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht, Professor of French and Italian

For extraordinary leadership as director of the Stanford Presidential Lectures and Symposia in the Humanities and Arts;  
For attracting to Stanford eminent artists, writers and academicians who have helped the university community better understand the role of humanities and arts in the academy
and in our lives; 
For leadership that has enhanced Stanford and the higher education community and engaged the humanities with the many worlds of thought, learning and performance that make up a whole university.
Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht

1998-99 Michael Hudnall, Deputy General Counsel

For contributing to some of the most significant institutional developments in the last three including overseas campuses, technology licensing, the Stanford Management Company and land-use planning; and
For sharing a generous and collegial spirit with the institution he loves and the people he serves.
Michael Hudnall

1997-98 Mark Zoback, Geophysics (and Chair, Committee of 15)

For breathing new life into the honor code and fundamental standard; 

For his exemplary leadership of the Committee of 15, the group charged with formulating a new judicial charter for Stanford after several previous attempts to modify the 1969 version had failed; 

For his exceptional efforts to reach out to students, faculty, staff and alumni to make sure every group had input into the committee's proposal.


Mark Zoback

1996-97 Michael Cowan, Associate Dean for Administration, School of Medicine

For her dedicated support of the education of Stanford's medical students and support of the faculty in the School of Medicine;

For her realization that the field of medicine is strengthened when it is represented by men and women from all segments of American society;

For encouraging the development of the interdisciplinary program in immunology and a new course on the responsible conduct of medical research; and

For creating a caring community in which the healing arts can flourish.

1995-96 Mona Duggan, Associate Director External Relations, Museum of Art

For her quiet, graceful and ingenious style as integrator, problem-solver and unsung heroine;
For her signature contributions to the Stanford campus as celebrant of the arts, offering uncommon dedication to the renewal of the Stanford Museum; and
For bringing decency, humanity, patience and good hum or to her every interaction as representative of the university to the public both on and off campus.
Mona Duggan

1994-95 Iris Brest, Associate General Counsel Emerita

For being quite possibly the best university lawyer in the country;

For resisting expedient solutions, taking a broad view of the greater good of the university, and for defending the rights of the individual; 

For being the keeper of the flame, the reservoir of university memory and conscience, and for truth and principle; and

For being a quiet powerhouse, the quintessential behind-the-scenes operator.

Iris Brest

1993-94 Patricia Devaney, Associate Dean of Research

For 26 years of dedicated service to the university, during which time she has provided continuity, institutional memory and wise counsel to faculty members, deans, vice provosts and provosts;
For being a role model for other administrators supporting them and offering extensive know ledge of research policies, as well as an abiding commitment to the cos
values of a research university; 
For her genius in breaking bureaucratic logjams and in twisting the arm of individuals for the greater good; and
For her extraordinary generosity of spirit.
Patricia Devaney

1993-94 Marvin Herrington, Director of Public Safety

For the example he sets for countless Stanford colleagues with his can-do attitude and regard for the individual whatever the challenge, whatever the setting;
For his gentle graciousness, extraordinary sensitivity and his deep respect for human rights for all people;
For his quiet, behind-the-scenes efforts, from earthquake preparedness and disaster planning to alcohol awareness and rape prevention make the Stanford campus a safe place to work, to study and to live; and
For making his work look easy despite the myriad complexities of public safety and police work.
Marvin Herrington

1992-93 Alan Grundman, Administrative Director, Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve

For his dedication and commitment to the land, using ingenuity, frugality, and an appreciation of natural environments to create a wildlife sanctuary that is both a friendly and accessible treasure as well as an important research center for the Stanford community;
For his development of an on-site laboratory, docent center, and library of archival and reference material, including a collection of aerial photography of the preserve that has become essential to many research projects; and
For his farsighted and fair approach to balancing the needs of the wide variety of preserve users, an achievement made more impressive by an ardent devotion to preserving the land and its natural inhabitants.

1992-93 Ann Elizabeth Rafferty, Undergraduate Assistant, Political Science

For 30 years of guidance to all the Political Science students who have passed through her office; 
For her keen understanding and warmth for all students with whom she has contact;
For her willngness to go beyond the limits of her job description;
For making teaching easier for faculty by identifying potential problems early and working to solve those that do occur; and
For her continued grace and ability in running a most spirited and hectic office.

1991-92 James Knox, Curator of British and American History, Green Library

For his work as a consummate reference librarian and bibliographer for more than 20 years; 

For having the insight to build collections in women’s studies and ethnic studies that will serve Stanford far into the future; and
For a level of mentoring Stanford faculty, students and librarians that has made some call him the most valuable resource in Green Library’s collection.

1991-92 Stephen Peeps, Associate Vice President for Development

For his vision and effort in creating a five-year series of commemorative events that was logistically monumental, intellectually inspiring and plain fun; 

For assembling and managing a centennial celebration staff of exemplary talent, energy and commitment that never let organizational means overwhelm intellectual ends; and
For his loyal and enthusiastic service to Stanford and his willingness to go the extra mile to ensure a job well done.
Stephen Peeps

1990-91 Karlene Dickey, Associate Dean, Graduate Division

For serving the University with unwavering energy, integrity and efficiency for more than twenty years;

For being an invaluable human resource, accessible to students, staff and faculty and meanwhile training a succession of Graduate Deans and teaching them how to behave;

For setting high standards -- both for Stanford and for her sister institutions, in representing Stanford in regional and national associations; and

For her profound and positive influences on international educational exchange.

1990-91 Robert Sumner, Mechanical Technician/Electrician, Electrical Engineering Research

For thirty-two years of pride in, and devotion to, his work in Electrical Engineering;

For a constant willingness to go out of his way to help faculty, staff and students with equal enthusiasm and care;

For a diligently cultivated expertise in all things electrical and technical -- conveyed with patience, good cheer and a ready smile; and,

For the durable impression he has made on his colleagues who bring forth in his behalf a waterfall of sentiment and affection: "unfailingly pleasant," "extraordinarily human," "gentle," and "the world's nicest guy."

1989-90 Ruby Mason and Verity Powell, Pre-professional Advisors at the Undergraduate Advising Center

For exemplary and outstanding contributions to undergraduate education and to the creation of a pluralistic community at Stanford;

For work with academic departments, individual faculty and advisers that have made a profound difference in the lives of Stanford students from a wide range of backgrounds; and
For a collective virtuosity that evokes strings of admiring adjectives -- innovative, sincere, caring, compassionate, and visionary -- as these lively partners continue to provide wise and witty academic counsel.
Ruby Mason

1988-89 Mary Sevilla, Head of Loan Division, Green Library

For her flexibility and initiative over three decades in accommodating the needs of borrowers; 

For helping to develop and maintain the spirit of cooperation and courtesy at the loan desk in Green Library; 

For her service as informal mediator and advisor and her conscientious commitment to individual differences as well as to the needs of the whole community; and

For her accomplishments, through the Asian Staff Forum, in helping everyone to understand the University’s culture and in fostering opportunities for a diverse work force.

1987-88 Rodney H. Adams, Treasurer of the University

For the energetic and creative leadership he has deployed to move Stanford to the forefront of modern endowment investment management;

For his widely recognized capacities as pacesetter, pioneer, and innovative strategist;

For the high standards he applies to the dual goals of investment performance and institutional social responsibility; and

For the example of personal courage and institutional loyalty he has given to the entire University community.

Rod Adams

1987-88 Clara Bush, Academic Secretary to the University

For selfless service to the University in both academic and administrative positions, and especially for the generosity, understanding, and compassion she brought to the post of Academic Secretary;

For the clarity of her understanding of the faculty's role in University governance and her efforts to make it explicable across the University;

For the sensitivity and tact with which she steered all of us through some of the major debates held at Stanford in the last six years; and

For the varied and subtle ways in which she has served as a resource for faculty and staff, and so helped to focus the intellectual life of the University.

Clara Bush

1986-87 William Stone, Director of the Alumni Association

For a management style that helps others succeed and earn recognition for it;

For a graceful personal touch that turns stress to laughter, or to groans;

For his hospitality to new programs, new areas, and his energetic involvement of the full spectrum of Stanford Alumni in the activities of the Association; and

For his concern that the philosophy and the agenda of the Stanford Alumni Association reflect the values and direction of the University itself, while retaining its special vigor and independence.

William Stone

1985-86 William Cleveland, Audio Visual Coordinator

For thirty-three years of generous commitment, during which he has become the gold standard by which Stanford measures quality service and sensitivity to the client;

For being a competent, caring person and problem solver-the kind we all want as a colleague;

For guiding generations of students cheerfully through the technical maze of theater production; and

For the professionalism, friendliness and selflessness with which he serves all the members of this community.

1984-85 Maurine Buma, Accounting Officer Controller's Office

For thirty-eight years of dedicated professional service, during which she became a focus of devotion and loyalty among her own staff and an unspoken symbol of the possibility for the aspirations of women in the university;

For the extra miles she travelled in making the mysteries of Stanford accounting understandable to generations of principal investigators and administrators, thereby establishing an institutional standard for staff accountability; and

For her work as principal architect of the accounting system that supported the great epoch of this university's growth.

Maurine Buma

1984-85 Gerald Lieberman, Vice Provost, Dean of Graduate Studies and Research, Professor in Operations Research and Statistics

For the wisdom and academic foresight that allowed him to recognize the potential of the new interdisciplinary field of operations research, and for the skills of persuasion he used to turn that orphan into the ranking department of its kind in the world;

For his tireless efforts on behalf of Stanford's graduate students, in areas ranging from housing and stipends to the recruitment of women and members of minority groups; and

For his dedication to the defense of this faculty's first principles of research freedom, openness, accessibility -- in the councils of government as well as of his university.

Gerald Lieberman

1983-84 Lyle Nelson, Professor in Communication

For his extraordinary effectiveness in creating Stanford's government relations programs , and the quiet good judgment he purveys as counselor and father-confessor to presidents, colleagues, and students;

For the self-effacing, fun-loving, fund-finding efforts he delivers on behalf of fellow faculty members and professional journalists; 

For his faithful commitment to intellectual freedom across national boundaries; and

For his bedrock integrity and devotion to the university.

Lyle Nelson

1982-83 Robert W. Beyers, Director of News Service

For the reliability and stubbornly independent candor with which he represents Stanford to the external media; and

For the humanity, energy, and scrupulous sense of fairness he applies to the proprietorship of this University's publications, to the leadership of his own staff, and to the coverage of various news events at which his presence has become campus legend.

Robert W. Beyers

1981-82 Raymond F. Bacchetti, Vice Provost for Management & Director of University Budgets

For the graceful way in which, acting as institutional conscience, he helps us distinguish good ends from bad;

For the philosophical and determined way in which he makes us understand, even admidst the confusion of a half-completed budget, the important distinctions between means and ends;

For his relentless energy and unstinting integrity; and

For the time he manages to find to be teacher, friend, and quiet healer -- a role in which he has, over nearly two decades, created a legion of secret beneficiaries.


Raymond F. Bacchetti

1980-81 Kenneth Cuthbertson, Vice President for Development

For his remarkable humanity and understanding, and his part in making Stanford the strong place it is.

Kenneth Cuthbertson