Stanford Alumni Legacy Project

Alumni: Share your student materials with the University Archives!

Stanford Arts Institute, 2009.The Stanford Alumni Legacy Project focuses on collecting, preserving, and providing long-term access to student materials created by Stanford alumni during their time on the farm. The Archives is particularly interested in letters, email, texts, photographs, audio and video recordings, posters, websites, flyers, and records of student organizations. These collected materials are used to support teaching, learning, and research at Stanford and beyond.

We are especially interested in acquiring materials relating to Stanford women, individuals of color, activists, and members of the LGBTQIA community.

You can donate your materials to the Archives or lend them for selective scanning. The Archives will also accept digital content, which will be preserved in the Stanford Digital Repository and made available online. All donations and scans of materials will be preserved and made available for teaching, learning and research. To help guide alumni, the Archives has created a handy list of materials they typically collect. Contact the Archives at to share materials.

If you are ready to share your materials now, you can also fill out and email us a Deed of Gift

Questions? Contact the Archives at

The Stanford Alumni Legacy Project is funded in part by Stanford Associates.

 Winona Simms, former director of the Native American Cultural Center, on the steps of Mukwekma-Tah-Ruk, 2010
 Freshmen create offering bowls during Stanford Archaeology Center's Pottery Workshop Series, 2009
Stanford Arts Institute
Stanford Safari, 2013
Stanford Powwow, 2006
Haas Center for Public Service
Haas Center for Public Service graduation, 2009
Leland Stanford Junior University Marching Band
Stanford Taiko, 2008
Gaieties, 2008
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