Stanford Community History Toolkit

The goal of this project is to provide Stanford community members with the opportunity and means to conduct, share, and research oral history projects. While the Archives is fortunate to be able to partner with the Stanford Historical Society’s Oral History Program to conduct many oral histories each year it is a fraction of all the stories that can and should be preserved. This project seeks to expand those stories to provide a fuller, more inclusive representation of the Stanford community. All Stanford stories are welcome.

In achieving this goal we recognize that a balance must be made between quality recordings and providing low-barrier, easy-to-use means for capture. As a result, we outline a variety of options so that projects can get carried out with available means yet still maintain a sufficient level of quality for long-term research use.

A second balancing act concerns documentation. We all appreciate simplicity and minimal instructions—just get to the point. Yet for many individuals, conducting oral histories and submitting them to an archives are totally new concepts. As a result, we try to provide succinct, to-the-point instructions to get you up and running without overburdening you with unnecessary details. For those of you interested in more in-depth information, check out Oral History in the Digital Age or the resources provided by the Oral History Association. These are great sites to explore the entire process in much more detail. We’re also happy to answer any questions or provide project consultation as necessary. 

Finally, this project could not have happened without generous funding from the Stanford Associates.