Fee schedule

Fee schedule for external loan (January 2020) 

Basic fees    
Item fee for physical material lent


Paging, pulling, and re-shelving material

Condition reporting and photodocumentation

Housing and pre-crating packing

$265 per item* per venue
 Item fee for digital object


Paging, preparation, metadata creation, and re-shelving material

 $100 per item

(no fee for fewer than 10 items)

 Digitization costs  Photography or other reformatting of item (e.g. reproduction for publication, facsimile in lieu of original object); may also include courier fee for transit to digitization vendor Quote from DLSS or external vendor 
 Cancellation fee  If a loan request is withdrawn after substantial work has been done to fulfil the request, a fee will be charged.  $50 per item + any direct cost born by lender
 Variable fees    
 Additional flat fee for larger loans Over 20 items  $1000 per loan
 Artifacts  Retrieving and returning to art storage  External vendor costs
 3D artifact installation  For large or complex 3D objects requiring special handling at installation  $1000 per venue
 Conservation treatment  An estimate will be provided before any conservation treatment is done  $85 per hour if done internally or reimbursement of charges to outside contractor
Supplies and materials   Glazing, framing, custom mounts as required  External vendor or reimbursement for materials
 Borrower responsibility    
 Crating and shipping

Custom crates

Shipping and associated freight costs

Charges and broker's fees 

 Courier costs

 Round trip transportation to the exhibit location


Per diem for food, local transportation, and incidentals

 Insurance  Nail to nail insurance coverage for borrowed item(s): in transit, in temporary storage, and while on exhibition  Borrower


 * For exhibit purposes, an item is defined as a physical unit. A four page manuscript would be four items. Cost includes digital surrogate if original and digital copy requested.

An estimate of services by Stanford Libraries will be provided to the borrower before a loan agreement is signed. For further information on costs please refer to our Special Collections and University Archives Loan Policy adopted July 2020:

Special Collections and University Archives exhibit loan policy