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Students exiting the Bing Wing of Green Library

Green is Stanford University's main research library, and has collections in the humanities, social sciences, area studies, and interdisciplinary areas.

Course guides

Course number Term Guide Instructor
PWR 1GGK Spring 2014 Ladies, Tramps, and Other Furry Friends: The Rhetoric of Pets Kimbrell, G.
PWR 1GAU Spring 2014 Mind vs. Brain: The Rhetoric of Consciousness Ueda, A.
PWR 1WG Spring 2016 Reading Minds: The Rhetoric of Consciousness Goldberg, W.
PWR 1AK Winter 2017 Rhetoric of Humor Kortenhoven, A.

Notable collections

Philip G. Zimbardo

Research and teaching files, professional files and correspondence, audiovisual materials, professional papers, and materials documenting the Stanford Prison Experiment.

Subject Librarians

Alesia Montgomery
Subject Specialist for Sociology, Psychology & Qualitative Data