At a glance

Swain Chemistry & Chemical Engineering Library

About CSD, SuperStar, and DASH

CSD software licensed by Swain Library is listed below.

CSDS — database & access software

  • ConQuest: search interface to the CSD
  • Mercury: crystal structure visualization and statistical analysis
  • PreQuest: creation of in-house databases

CSDS — knowledge bases derived from the CSD

  • IsoStar: knowledge base of intermolecular interactions
  • Mogul: knowledge base of molecular geometry

Life sciences products

  • SuperStar: predicting protein-ligand interactions (for use with IsoStar)
  • Hermes: pre- and post-docking 3D visualisation (for use with SuperStar)

Powder diffraction (for use with CSD)

  • DASH: crystal structure solution from powder diffraction data

Update frequency

The web version is updated weekly. The CD-ROMs are published annually (January–December) and are usually delivered by late November or early December. Updates are available periodically from CCDC News. Access to the previous year’s version expires at the end of March.