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Visualization software



"Plotly is built for Chemistry users to analyze data, make publication-quality graphs in the browser, and collaborate. Plotly has:

  • A graphing GUI; fits, functions, stats, t-tests, ANOVAs, and error bars; and APIs for making publication quality graphs in Python, R, MATLAB, REST, Julia, and Perl. 
  • A Python sandbox and support for NumPy, LaTeX, pandas, datetime, and IPython (Notebooks here). 
  • A streaming API for Arduino and Raspberry Pi users to log and graph data (see our Arduino Instructable).
  • A Google Chrome App.

Plotly graphs can be embedded in other websites, shared, and downloaded as a PNG, PDF, or SVG (Washington Post example here). And, we always store data, graphs, and scripts together, so you can do all you graphing, analytics, and coding in one place. Then, you can share projects with others to collaborate, keeping all your graphs in a profile like this profile from a particularly active Plotly user."

Visit: Plotly