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Swain Chemistry & Chemical Engineering Library

Computer use policy

Please respect these guidelines. Bypassing the security, adding/deleting software, and modifying the System settings is unlawful, discourteous, and could be considered a violation of the Stanford University Fundamental Standard.

  • Except for “Kiosk” workstations on Swain Library’s circulation desk, computers are available only for Stanford students, faculty, and staff.
  • Computers are primarily for searching databases and using library resources. Do not store personal files or install software on the hard disk.
  • Computers are for academic use only. Please be sensitive to the public nature of shared facilities and take care not to display, store, or print inappropriate images, sounds, or messages which could create an atmosphere of discomfort or harassment for others.
  • Use of the University’s computers, network or electronic communication facilities (such as electronic mail or instant messaging, or systems with similar functions) to send, view, or download fraudulent, harassing, obscene (i.e., pornographic), threatening, or other messages or material that are a violation of applicable law or University policy, such as under circumstances that might contribute to the creation of a hostile academic or work environment, is prohibited.
  • Do not reconfigure or alter any settings on the workstations.
  • Do not send files to Swain Library’s printers from other locations.
  • If others are waiting, please restrict use to 10 minutes on kiosk workstations, 30 minutes for other workstations (60 minutes CAS searching).

Note: copying software or documentation may be subject to copyright laws. Unlawful copying is prohibited. Please consult Copyright Reminder for more information.