Access and privileges

Campus ID Card holders

Most Stanford Campus ID Card holders can use their cards to access Stanford Libraries and borrow library materials. Borrowing privileges are automatically activated the day after the ID is issued. For same-day privileges, please visit the Green Library Circulation counter.

Don't know where you fall? Contact Privileges.

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Borrowing, unlimited check-outs, recalls, and interlibrary borrowing?

Lockers and assigned study spaces? Eligible for RLCP or RSP borrowing? Eligible for a spouse or domestic partner card? Eligible for a Stanford Libraries proxy card ?
Faculty; academic staff yes yes yes yes yes
Regular staff yes lockers no yes no
SLAC staff no interlibrary borrowing lockers no yes no
Fellows yes yes yes yes no
Grad students yes yes yes yes no
Undergrads yes lockers yes yes no
Postdocs yes lockers yes yes no
Visiting scholars yes lockers no no no

25 item limit w\supervisor’s approval

lockers no no no