Access and privileges


Your Campus ID Card expires and becomes invalid at the Libraries upon graduation. However, you can still access the libraries and borrow library materials as a visitor or fee-based borrower. Please read below for more information.

Can I get free access to the Libraries?

Yes, you can visit Stanford Libraries for 7 free days in a 12-month period. You will need to register at Green Library, the Art Library, or the East Asia Library. When you register, you will be asked to present a physical and valid government-issued photo ID and to accept the terms of service, including having your photo taken. If you present your Alumni Association Member Card, you will be eligible for an additional 7 days of courtesy access.

Can I access the library beyond my annual number of free days?

Yes, but you must apply for a fee-based card before you visit.

Can I borrow library items?

Yes, you can borrow library items with a fee-based card.

Can I get online access to electronic resources?

Yes, but only when you are visiting the library. Many of our electronic databases and subscriptions are available while using one of the designated public computers. Some databases and licensed resources are limited to current students, staff and faculty, however.

Please note, the fee-based card for alumni does not include off-campus access to online library resources. A limited number of online resources are available as a benefit for joining the Stanford Alumni Association.

How do I copy and print inside the Libraries?

You must set up a Cardinal Print Visitor Account using a credit card to print or copy. Scanning is free; we have both flatbed and overhead book scanners.


For any questions or concerns, please contact Privileges.