Copyright Reminder

Request permission where needed

If an exception such as Fair Use or Face-to-Face is not clearly available, you must get permission to use a copyrighted work from the owner of the copyright holder.  A request to use copyrighted material usually can be sent to the permission department of the work's publisher.  Allow four to six weeks for a request to be processed.  Permission requests should contain:

  • Title, author and/or editor, and edition
  • Exact material to be used
  • Number of copies you plan to make
  • Intended use of the material (e.g., educational)
  • Form of distribution (e.g., hard copy to classroom, posted on Internet with password protection)
  • Whether material will be sold (e.g., as part of a course reader)

When copyright clearance is needed in an online course, you may also be able to use the SIPX service (