Interlibrary borrowing

Access to UC and Ivies Plus libraries

Stanford Libraries participates in reciprocal programs with many of the University of California and Ivies Plus libraries.

UC Berkeley

All Stanford ID card holders can visit UC Berkeley libraries, including the Main (Gardner) Stacks. See Information for Visitors for more information.

Stanford faculty, graduate students, and academic staff visiting UC Berkeley Libraries can check out items with a Stanford University ID. You need to open a UC Berkeley Library account to check out and renew items online (contact Berkeley privileges to create an account or if you have trouble signing in). Return books to any UC Berkeley book drop or to Stanford's Green Library circulation desk at least 4 days before the due date to ensure materials are returned to Berkeley on time.

For questions, assistance, or information about your UC Berkeley account, contact UC Berkeley Library by email  or call (510) 642-5425.

University of California (UC) Libraries Reciprocal Services Program (RSP)

UC Libraries welcome public visitors. Be sure to read their access policies before your visit.

Stanford faculty, graduate students, and academic staff are also eligible for free on-site borrowing privileges at the campuses listed below. You many need to obtain a RSP Card that demonstrates your eligibility; email Stanford Libraries' Privileges department to obtain this card. Other Stanford community members (e.g., undergraduates and staff) may need to pay for borrowing privileges.

Participating campuses:

Ivy Plus libraries

BorrowDirect is a resource sharing partnership of 13 Ivy Plus libraries that offers both interlibrary borrowing services (books mailed to Stanford) and on-site access and borrowing privileges at each partner library.

Stanford faculty, students, and staff can visit the libraries at these partner institutions: Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Duke, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, MIT, Princeton, Univ. of Chicago, Univ. of Pennsylvania, and Yale.

Please read important registration requirements and circulation rules for each participating institution before you visit. You may be required to log into your Stanford My Library Account to demonstrate your active Stanford affiliation. You may also be required to present your University ID Card and/or a valid government-issued ID card.